Social media is trending and taking over people’s lives. There are many people who take it quite seriously and follow the trends and challenges to be seen, known, and get recognized. They make these videos viral and engage people in doing something similar. This is a way of earning for some while for others it’s thrilling.

As funny and exciting as they are to watch and replicate, many times the challenges are a bit over the top, risking the lives of the participants. However, below is a list of some challenges that have caught the attention of people and are likely to be rather popular amongst people.

2022’s Most Popular Challenges

With 2022 halfway through, we have carefully handpicked the top 10 creative, fun, and enjoyable challenges that have been released this year. Many influencers have joined the bandwagon, however, in some instances, the fans have dared their favorite influencers to do certain challenges for the sake of entertainment.

1- Dance Challenge

One of the most-watched challenges of 2022 is inclusive of the Tik Tok dance challenge. In this challenge, there are 7 short routines that you have to follow as choreographed. The dance moves are a bit difficult in between but the participants do a great job.

It is a global challenge with participants from but not limited to Korea, America, and many Asian countries. This challenge does not restrict to a number so you can do it individually, with a partner, or even with a group of friends.

2- Try Not to Laugh

don't laugh challenge

There are countless ‘Try not to laugh’ challenges out there. Some are okay to watch but there are many with solid memes that give you a good laugh. As the name suggests, you watch the reel without laughing at all.

The content creators collect funny videos and memes from recent times and give the audience this dare. You can watch this with friends and family or even if sitting alone. Amongst the several options, below is the link to one of the ‘Try not to laugh’ videos that are my personal favorite, from 2022.

3- Eat it or Wear it Challenge

This is a trending challenge for the past 3 to 4 years, made on various platforms but published on YouTube. One of the most recent versions of this was done by The Hartig Family. It turned out to be messy and so much fun to watch that I’m sure they had a ball of a time doing it.

You can do this with your friend or a spouse. The rules are fairly simple to follow: You have brown paper bags, numbered, with different edibles in them. You have a jar of paper chits with the same numbers in it. You shake the jar and take a chit out to match with the paper bag. Take the food item out of the bag and decide whether you want to have a spoonful of it or would rather prefer to ‘wear it.’ Whichever one you decide, tell the camera and do it.

It can get a bit messy which actually adds to the fun. To make it more interesting, you can add some tricky items to the paper bags such as paints, sand, and cleaning agents. Another way to make this interesting is to have another jar with ‘eat it’ and ‘wear it’ chits.

4- Smoothie Challenge

Smoothie Challenge

The objective of this challenge is not to only make the craziest of smoothies but also to have them! Can you imagine yourself having a smoothie with Dorritos + yogurt + hot sauce + honey? No right? But this challenge dares you to get out of your comfort zone to try a blend of sorts. It is best to do it with someone rather than alone.

The rules are:

  • Gather some odd grocery items (all edible of course) in one place
  • Every participant has his own blender for the challenge
  • Have a spinning wheel with all the items mentioned separately on it
  • Each participant spins up to 4 times (you can decide on the number amongst yourselves)
  • Whichever items your wheel stops at, you get to add it to the blender.
  • Blend, blend, blend to gobble it all down!

5- Spiciest Chip Challenge

In this video, in particular, there is a contestant who has been challenged to eat 10 spicy things, inclusive of but not limited to sauces, jellies, chips, and smoothies. The creator has kept a handsome reward upon achieving the objective. However, it is totally up to you to work your rules around, as per your convenience and requirement.

6- Bean Boozled Challenge

Bean boozled challenge

Trending since 2017 and still going strong, this challenge is mostly done with a partner. These beans are quite nasty in smell and taste. If you are a vegan, know that Bean boozled is vegan-friendly.

The rules are simple and very similar to most of the challenges. Keep a bowl with the jelly colors written on them individually. Put the jellies in another bowl. Each participant takes a chit out and eats that jelly bean. Good luck to you if you get the ‘dead fish’ bean!

7- Guess the Disney Song and Movie Challenge

A challenge for all ages and something that mums, in particular, can ace. They watch the same cartoons and movies with their kids on repeat which makes them learn the names and songs by heart. It will be thrilling to see a Disney Challenge being done between a mother and a child, for fun’s sake!

Two people have to listen to the same Disney song. Mind you, these are all animated cartoons. Whoever guesses the name of the movie and the title song within the first 10 seconds, gets a point.

There are not many people who have taken up this challenge but whoever has created memories to cherish!

8- The Famous Cinnamon Challenge

The famous cinnamon challenge

Spoiler warning: Not many can do this and I’m quite sure you won’t be able to either!

As the name suggests, you have to eat a spoonful of cinnamon powder WITHOUT taking any liquid to swallow. It may sound fairly simple, I mean how difficult can eating a spoonful of cinnamon really be, right? Well, guess what? It leaves a lasting impact as it may affect your health for the following days.

This challenge has been going on for years and people have done edits and versions of it, in hope of trying to achieve it. However, over the years it has turned into a mean prank on friends and/or people you don’t quite like.

9- Fruitloop, Mac n Cheese, and Hot Dog Challenge

Fruitloop, Mac n Cheese, and Hot Dog Challenge

All three of my favorite things to have; but separately. I can not even fathom having them all as ONE dish. I mean, whaaaattt?? Who does that anyway? Well, there are some people out there who are insane and hungry enough for an audience to try out wild combos.

On YouTube, The Fluffy Bearded Man caught my attention while searching for a weird food combo challenge. He puts together four hotdogs topped and stuffed with Fruitloops and Mac n Cheese along with a pint of unsweetened/unflavored milk.

With the clock ticking, Mr. Fluffy hogs on to his meal on his plate within 3 minutes.

10- Speed Drawing Challenge

Speed Drawing Challenge

A challenge that can be kept at a sleepover, a birthday, or even an adult party; speed drawing can be played with a friend or a group of people. However, the rules can be customized as per your liking. One way to go about it is to have a jar of different things/categories for one participant to pick out and read out loud. As the timer starts, everyone starts drawing the same thing. In the end, they show what they’ve drawn and have a good laugh!

Another way to do this is to set the timer, the participants draw the first thing that comes to their mind. The winner is the one who has the best drawing.

24-hour Challenge

With vloggers, YouTubers, and Covid on the rise; people had turned to Social Media to cheer them up and to interact with the world. This gave way to 24-hour challenges where participants take on a  challenge for the whole day. Easily said than done, let’s see some hysterical, notorious, and jaw-dropping challenges that have been trending on YouTube.

1- Google Decides What I Eat for 24 Hours

1. Google decides what I eat for 24 hours

‘Google decides what I eat for 24 hours, is a fun challenge done by a young teenager called Kaycee. Kaycee got a bit overboard and wore clothes matching the colors of Google; red, yellow, blue, and green. Not something that is necessary but sure, why not?

Things you need:

  • A functional laptop
  • A jar
  • A spinning wheel with numbers from 1 – 10
  • And a fast speed internet

The rules are fairly simple- you have a jar with food and restaurant names in it. You pick out one and spin the wheel. Now for example the restaurant that came was McDonald’s and the number that the spinning wheel gave you is 4. Next, you will go on google and type the name of the restaurant, in the image section. Once you have the images, count to the 4th image, and voila! That is your meal to be ordered.

To add a twist to the challenge, you can add restaurants that are not your favorite along with the ones that you absolutely love. Another angle to this is that there are times when google shows the menu or the restaurant itself on that number. That way you skip the meal.

2- Blue Food Challenge

Blue Food Challenge

Can you see yourself eating blue food all day long? I can but I would actually worry about the options to choose from. This blue food challenge shows how the two friends ate blue food all day long. Blue drinks, blue meals, blue appetizers. It could actually give you some ideas on how to tackle the day.

3- Easy Bake Food Challenge

Easy Bake Food Challenge

To participate and try this challenge, it is best to do a grocery trip beforehand. Stock up on the easy bake products and prepare your ground. There are easy bake ovens readily available in the market that eases your work. Your food is ready in 3 – 4 minutes. People who have done this challenge, have made omelets, pizza, cookies, brownies, pasta, etc. in the easy-bake oven.

4- Twenty Four Hours in an Abandoned House

Now this challenge is so not for the faint-hearted, like me! I am such a scaredy-cat that nope, can’t do this. I would not even accept the challenge, ha-ha. The rules are quite straightforward As the name suggests, you need to spend a day in a disowned house, irrespective of whether it’s haunted or not. You may choose to stay with a friend, your spouse, or even your whole gang. Stepping out of the premises is not allowed so you take your food with you, upon entering.

The thought of the house being abandoned is good enough for someone to feel restless and uncomfortable in the place. To make the challenge interesting, pull a prank on your friends and play board games to kill your time. Record your stay throughout and enjoy watching it later!       

5- Spend a Day at the Target Store

Spend a day at the Target store challenge

Target is a superstore and you so cannot stay there aimlessly. This challenge has been taken upon many YouTubers while they spend the night at Target, without being caught by the staff members. To achieve this, there are many tactics that the participants have used as it requires planning and strategy.

For example, you can keep changing your clothes during your day-long stay. Keep making toilet visits or have an acquaintance in the store to support you. This is a classic challenge that has been taken upon by the vloggers, to the extent of many doing multiple versions of it!

The consequences of this challenge are quite grave as it falls under the category of trespassing. Therefore, it could lead to getting arrested for an indefinite time period.

6- Underwater for 24-hour Straight

Underwater for 24-hour straight challenge

Do not try this at home or without supervision; EVEN if you are old enough. You need to really prepare for this as it needs to be immaculately set up. Along with that, you require stamina and the mental capability to pull through it.

There are many YouTubers who tried to jump this bandwagon but failed and eventually gave up. The initial hours may not feel so tough but as time passes, and you sit in a fined area can be difficult to survive.

7- Bathroom Challenge

Bathroom Challenge

I absolutely love my bathroom and I know I can do this! But can you? Can you sleep in your bathtub and make that your home for a whole day? Try it out and see how it goes!

Set up your bathroom with only your essentials which do not include technology but do stock up on your food and snacks for the day. Mend the rules as per your requirements but the original one does not allow visitors.

8- Say Yes for 24 Hours Challenge

Yes Day Challenge

If you don’t know yet, there is a movie that was released on this challenge where kids dare their parents to have a ‘yes day’ where they are not allowed to say no to anything. Having said that, it is not restricted to parents and children only. You can have this as a spouse challenge or even with a bunch of friends or your siblings.

The person with the requests and instructions can take it all the way, making it as difficult as they want for the participants. Yes challenge has taken up Social Media by storm and many are trying their hand at it.

9- Twenty Four Hour Silent Treatment Challenge

I think we do this ‘challenge’ pretty often as a routine when we choose to give someone a silent treatment. Don’t we? However, in a scenario where you are doing it as a recorded challenge, it is good to jot down the list of people whom you would like to include. One thing to remember is that you cannot tell the person a day before about it. This has to come as a surprise to confuse the other person, otherwise, all fun is lost.

10- A Day-long Prank War

A day-long Prank war

This is fierce, extraordinary, lethal, and intense; it takes the pranks to another level as there is a constant war between the two groups and/or people to game progress and make their pranks better than the other.

Keep your camera ready and catch those epic expressions to laugh at later. Just make sure that you know where to draw the line and do not make it personal and dangerous.

Challenges with Friends

When with friends, there are a bunch of crazy things that you can do and have the time of your life. One of the YouTube videos that I really liked had multiple challenges done by friends together, as a team, or competing against each other. If you are planning to throw a party and thinking of how to make it memorable, check the link out for some wild ideas. Having said that, keep in mind that security and safety come first so enjoy but stay safe!

Extracting a few ideas that I prefer are:

1- Bucket Balancing While Taking your Shoes Off

So everyone lays on the ground with their legs up, holding and balancing the bucket together. Now the deal is that one by one each friend will start taking their shoes off while balancing the bucket and remaining in the same position. Isn’t that crazy? Try it out at your next sleepover and see how it goes!

2- Catch The Napkin

Catch the napkin

As fun, as this one may be, it can also be slightly dangerous as you may get too excited and lose balance, hurting yourself. The challenge is that a number of friends line up on the staircase, by the railing. Each one is holding a napkin in hand. Everyone counts to 3 and the one standing first in line drops it, while quickly rushing to catch it before it falls to the ground. The catch is to run the stairs fast and be faster than the napkin.

3- Biggest Food Challenge

Biggest Food Challenge

YouTube has innumerable food challenges. However, this one caught my eye, especially with the quantity of food on the table. The rules can be altered but in this particular challenge, there is a timer to follow and a winning cash prize.

These two friends ate 14lb poutine and a few BBQ sandwiches with loaded fries within 30 minutes. There are other influencers who follow the course and join the bandwagon.

4- UK VS the US, Food war

UK VS the US, Food war

A challenge you can do with your friend in another country! So unlike other food challenges, it’s not only a food war but it’s more interesting than that. The interesting part of this video is the comparison the participants do of the portion sizes. The difference between the two is incredible with the US being higher in percentage.

The concept of this challenge is to compare a franchise and its food in two different countries. My love for KFC is unmatched so without any questions, I chose just that. Both the participants show the food on the menu while measuring the portion size on a weighing scale. It is a wonderful idea and something that is not silly like most of the videos but quite informative.

5- Say Anything Challenge

Say anything challenge

Sounds easy peasy right? But heck, no! Saying a new word within seconds, every time your turn comes can be mind-boggling, if I may say so. The twist in the game is that the person who repeats the word gets to face a consequence given by the other participants.

6- Fifteen Question Challenge

Fifteen Question Challenge

This challenge is one of the trendiest of all times and actually doesn’t go old. There are vloggers who have done multiple versions of this with different sets of questions every time. You can add logic, science, math, pictorial, riddles, or absolutely anything you want to make it as challenging as you please to stump the participant.

The rules are simple to follow: Prepare your questions prior and ask away your questions. You can also keep a timer to each, to add pressure.

7- Egg Challenge

All you need is one egg and a field of grass. The participant will drop the egg from a certain height in such a way that the should not break. The deal is that you get only one chance. There are no secrets to it but there are some bloggers that have created content on how to win this challenge.

Once you have gotten the hang of it, bet on it and let those dollars roll!

8- Lemon-chello!


Have you ever had lemon and not twitched and winced? Not, right? Well, here the challenge is to have lemon with a straight face. Can you handle it? Try it out. You can do this with your friends, siblings, or family member. Just remember, keep that poker face on!

9- Blindfolded Food Eating Challenge

Blindfolded Food Eating Challenge

This challenge can turn in out in any way you want it to, depending on the rules you have chosen. This could be done with random food to be tasted and guessed or it can be done with a set of restaurants. One of the participants is blindfolded and guesses the food and/or the name of the restaurant. You can add nasty things to it as well like animal food, leaves, etc.

For round two, the blindfold switches to the other participant, and the same rules are followed except the list of tasters/food is different.

10- Beany Chopsticks Challenge

Grease those bowls and put those beans in them, yo! There is no limit to the number of people participating in this challenge but a timer is necessary. Let the clock roll and get on picking those beans. The participant with the most beans wins the game!

You can also play this game as a solitaire. Set the timer for yourself and start picking out those beans till you don’t keep acing yourself.

Couple Challenges

With Corona on the rise, couples resorted to trying out different challenges to keep them entertained, and oh boy! Did they get creative! After looking through many videos, I am sharing a few amusing challenges that I came across. They are funny and act as a good exercise too.

1- Windmill Challenge

Windmill challenge

As the picture shows, the husband and wife stand across each other with their arms spread out in the opposite direction. Once you have taken your position, you start with rotating them. Automatically, the rotation will go opposite for both. As you keep going, increase your speed until your arms crash with each other. If you plan on doing this with multiple sets of couples, you can set a timer to note which couple goes the longest as a windmill.

2- No hands Challenge

No hands Challenge

As the name suggests, the couple has to do this challenge with their hands at the back therefore not using them at all. The challenge is to stand on your feet without using your hands. You can take support from each other’s bodies but no hands! The steps are as follows:

  • Lay on your stomach and put your hands behind your back
  • When the whistle blows, wriggle and squiggle to stand up
  • Ensure to keep your hands behind your back at all times to avoid getting disqualified
  • The first couple to stand up wins the treat!

3- The Pause Challenge

I have categorized it as a couple challenge because it resonates well with couples. It doesn’t require any special purchase of such. All you need to have and that too if you really want to is remote. During the day, at any point ‘pause’ your partner mainly to annoy them while they’re busy at work. It is an uncomplicated challenge therefore easy to do.

4- Tin Can Challenge

Tin Can Challenge

Similar to some challenges previously mentioned, this is a mystery can challenge where there are multiple cans that are numbered and jumbled up on the table. Some of these cans may have nasty things, to add to the excitement. So basically, you say a number, and your partner opens the can.

You need to take a heaped spoonful of the ingredients. Many couples have added cat food, dog food, raw fish, soil, grass, chili, and other insanely crazy things in the tins for their challenge. To bring perspective to it, you can put a timer that restricts you to be fast and quick in gulping/eating it.

5- Floor is Lava Challenge

Floor is Lava Challenge

Something that you have seen or heard your children speak of; the floor is lava means that you have to pretend the floor is lava therefore not touching it at all. You can do this with your better half. You have to carry your spouse all the way around your body, ensuring you don’t touch the floor. It can be a bit dangerous so stay safe!            

6- How Well Do You Know Me?

How well do you know me challenge

A daring dare to take up as it may not go down well with some. In this challenge, a ‘host’ has a set of questions that they ask a couple to see how well do they know each other. One way to go about this is to send one spouse outside so they don’t hear the answers. Another way to do this is to have placards and the couple picks up the placard that suits their answer best.

If you have the stomach to fathom that your partner knows or remembers very little of you, go ahead with this.

7- Towel Exchange

Have you ever tried to exchange towels in an unconventional way? Well here is what you can do, if you still haven’t!

Both the participants hold a towel from either side with their hands interlocked. Without breaking the lock chain, they have to get ‘out’ of the towel where in the end the individuals are standing tall with theirs.

Solo Challenges

Many Tik tokers and YouTubers take solace in Solo challenges in promoting their channel and getting more views. Most of these videos are hilarious and easy to self-record. If you are looking for videos to entertain your audience, below is a list of amusing challenges you can try for your channel.

1- Lipstick Challenge

Lipstick Challenge

The best part of this challenge is that it has been done not only by women but also by men. The latter have taken keenly on their wives, mothers, and girlfriends’ lipsticks for this particular challenge making it more fun to watch and participate.

The rules are simple: Fix your camera and take a lipstick of your choice and make a straight line in the center of your lips. Without further spreading it, keep chapping your lips to spread the lipstick properly.

2- Big T-shirt Challenge

Big t-shirt challenge

This is actually a weird one but it has taken Tik Tok taken by the storm. Most of the participants are either Large or plus size. They wear an oversized T-shirts and play the same song while singing along. The participant then pulls the shirt tightly from the waist, showing their waistline to be smaller than how it appears to be in the oversized t-shirt. It is a senseless challenge but relatively popular on Tik Tok.

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