Vlogging has been the talk of the day every day for the past few years, with friends discussing the new viral videos or families getting together to research on a particular destination they’re planning to go on a vacation to. 

The endless needs for all types of information of people have been the driving force for vloggers to come up with content for all their viewers. 

This industry has grown due to the increasing creativity of the content creators and the unending advancement of technology, and being aware of the advancements in new industries is one of the most important thing in this fast paced world.

What follows is a compilation of Vlogging and YouTube statistics, its impacts and its future.

Vlogging Statistics 2023:

In the era of digitalization, it is no surprise that digital, video blogs are flourishing. You can see the power of mobile phones and social media coming into play, forming an alliance with the Vlogging world.

Have a look at some numbers to get an idea what kind of flourish I am talking about here.

  1. It was surveyed and found out that at least one or more videos are uploaded per week by more than 60% vloggers.
    There are 51 million YouTube channels as of now and that makes almost 3 million of them uploading at least one or more videos per week.
    31 million videos per week on average is not that astonishing given the demand and the ease of acquiring resources. It is still however impressive that the number grew by an approximate of 36% as compared to last year. This is progression!

  2. Along with that, recent statistics show that approximately over 44% of internet users watch vlogs every month and it has also been estimated that an average time spent on watching videos by one person is 100 minutes per day that gives an average of 2 hours of watching videos per person per month.

  3. Finding sponsorships in a vlog is very common nowadays and the statistics show!
    Vlogging isn’t only for entertainment as the recent news suggests; over 66% of business people voted for video as the more effective media for advertisement and around 85% of businesses make use of this effective tool to gain competitive advantage.

  4. Some more helpful information would be the cameras that the majority of the vloggers use and it has been found that 7% of the vloggers use Sony as their primary camera, with Sony bagging a significant market share.

  5. Vloggers need to advertise themselves as well to gain recognition and increase their viewership, so they collaborate with already established vloggers and pool their skills and expertise.
    But how common is that marketing tactic? Apparently, over 38% vloggers have been in collaborative videos with other creators or with various brands since the last year, and this number is likely to increase as more people are stepping into the field.


Vlogging Statistics

Effectiveness of Vlogging:

As some people might think, vlogging is not pointless and certainly not a waste of time. Either you’re making vlogs or watching vlogs, you’re doing yourself and others a favor. 

There are a lot of benefits of vlogs. Vloggers are helping people learn more and explore the world around them while sitting at home whereas, their viewers are opening up their minds to new things and learning and making the world a better place.

Some of the benefits of vlogs are as follows:


While there is a plethora of entertainment videos easily accessible online, the number of educational videos available is amusing! Education through vlogging isn’t just limited to Academic videos; it also includes how-to videos, tutorials and videos on other skills for people to learn for absolutely free of costs.

Some of the top educational vloggers include Michelle Ferre, Alice Keeler, Amy Mayer and Elizabeth Coller.


Education and information are two different things. Vloggers work immensely to spread necessary information to the general public through easily accessible media.

It is because of vlogging, that many people are aware of various causes and are working to resolve disputes. 

Some examples would be “Black lives matter”, “Cyberbullying”, “Bullying”, “Racism”, “Islamophobia” etc.


Vlogging has been helping a lot of people know more about their health issues and helping them improve as well. 

There are a lot of vloggers who suffer from certain diseases and they share their journeys on public forums, giving more motivation to the viewers who are suffering from those diseases as well.


People who dream to travel around the world but are not able to, are immensely grateful for the vloggers who post their experiences on their trips. 

These videos help a lot of people to get information regarding certain places they wish to go to, and it proves to be a source of entertainment for people who love exploring new places but can’t physically visit there.


When it comes to vlogging, this is a given. A great percentage of vloggers focus on the entertainment niche of the vlogging sector and it is the most popular one as well. 

It has proven to be the most used way of passing time and enjoying. 

Some top entertainment vloggers who are extremely popular and successful are PewDiePie, MrBeast, David Dobrik and DudePerfect.

How Does Vlogging Impact Our Society?

The introduction of vlogging has altered the society in a variety of ways. It was one of the steps towards the digitalization and has proven very successful.

The availability of all kinds of information just one click away is the beginning of a new future and it impacts the society more deeply than what would be visible to the eye right now.

  1. Vlogging is particularly useful for corporations and small scale businesses as it provides a cheaper and effective medium to advertise their products and services and enhance their customer bases.

  2. It impacts how the people living in a society think and approach different activities. People would rather stay at home and follow a fitness vlogger for their health rather than going all the way to the gym for the same exercise routine.

  3. Vlogging has become one of the careers that pay out the most if you’re successful. It has significantly improved society’s living standards and will probably continue to do so.

  4. The young generation is learning more through visual representation of concepts and real life examples. It is furthering education for people with hectic jobs who cannot manage to attend full time colleges.

  5. With all the positive impacts it is leaving on the society as whole, it is also making people habitual to a luxury lifestyle. While some young people use vlogs for good purposes, some don’t understand the real essence of it and use it for entertainment purposes only, that is affecting them adversely as they’re becoming less active and outgoing and are wasting their time on screen.

  6. The amount of screen time has significantly increased which may lead to various diseases, especially in young people.

YouTube and Smartphone Vlogging Stats 2023:

YouTube is an integral part of the vlogging world and since the past few years, smartphones have also made their way into a typical vlogger’s life. 

Smartphones are widely used in substitute to professional cameras and are more preferred because they’re equipped with everything in one tiny, portable device. 

They don’t even lack in performance and so, are being used more and more in the vlogging industry.

YouTube was first launched in 2005 and it has only grown since then. 

Currently, the statistics show that over 2 million monthly users log in and it’s estimated that the number will keep increasing.

It has also been found out that almost 86% of the vlogs are posted on YouTube with 5 billion videos watched each day on YouTube.

Vlog Content Statistics shows that almost 53% of the vlogs are watched by young people, probably falling between the age groups of 16-24.

YouTube shows around 20% of its channels prefer uploading Shorts, which is the second most popular platform for short reels or videos after TikTok. 

However, it hasn’t reached the level of TikTok as 80% of the content creators go for TikTok when it comes to short videos.

Furthermore, vloggers tend to create secondary channels to expand their reach. They may upload daily vlogs on their main channel and may create another channel for shorts or specifically dedicated to cooking vlogs.

Research shows that 70% YouTubers make more than 1 channels for maximum outreach.


Research also shows that over 2.6 billion people use YouTube all over the world, which makes one third of all of the internet users and is a marvelous number and proves that YouTube is one of the most successful video streaming services. Refer Statista, 2022). 

It has effortlessly secured the second position in the most popular social networks list, with Facebook taking the trophy home.

These 2.6 billion log in at least once a month on average. 

That being said, it won’t be surprising that approximately 62% global consumers have found to be using YouTube making it one of the best in social media penetration.


After Google, YouTube ranks to be the second most popular search engine out there with more searches than Bing, AOL and Yahoo. Not only that, over a billion hours of videos are streamed on YouTube each day with billions of views.

The YouTube also came up with a mobile app that makes it compatible with smartphones and has since boosted up the number of views and its overall usage because of the easy accessibility anywhere, anytime. 

This boost in videos ultimately led to businesses turning to YouTube for their advertising needs, bumping up the percentage to 62%. 

Its global presence is one of its competitive advantage, with availability in over 80 languages.

The use of YouTube is evidently more on mobile phones.Statistics show that about 63% of the total views are generated through mobile phones, because users prefer the mobile experience more.

Why is Vlogging Trending Today?

Recognition of vlogging as a career path is probably due to its unending benefits and demand. 

The reason for that demand and popularity is that it gives its users exactly what they are looking for wherever and whenever.

It became a trend a few years back and still has not died down; there are a number of reasons behind it still being in trend. One of them being relatability. 

Vloggers are common people, just like you and me, leading basic lives and to most of their content, people can personally relate.

Secondly, it has become a hub where like-minded people from all over the world can connect with each other and expand their network. 

This networking allows people to learn about different cultures and living styles, to bond and share experiences with others and to connect with the whole world through the internet, giving them a big stage with a huge audience to deliver their messages and causes to.

Along with that, of course, one’s needs for entertainment are never ending and people tend to turn to newer ways to keep themselves relaxed. 

Vlogs have proved to be effective in steering away boredom; as the internet is filled with vlogs on every topic, people access videos as per their liking and enjoy their leisure time.

The reason why so many people are starting to vlog is probably how easy it is to get into. All you need is a camera and engaging content, some equipment and internet and you’re good to go. 

Also, it is easy money. Vlogging pays out heavy, but that is when you’re significantly well known, but it can still prove to be an easy source of income.

6. Is Vlogging the Future?

With technology literally taking over the world, it won’t be wrong to assume that Vlogging is likely to take over the internet and expand its roots more in the coming years. 

People tend to be creative about the things they are passionate about, and content creators stop at nothing to make their content more interesting, engaging and unique. 

This creativity will be the driving force to steer the Vlogging industry to a higher place.

There are a few factors that will determine the future of Vlogging:

  1. The content itself; if the creators keep on coming up with new content for their viewers, Vlogging is unlikely to die down.

  2. The costs associated; the cost of making a vlog would matter a great deal if the viewership doesn’t stay the same and the benefits derived are lesser than the costs.
    It is vital that the necessary equipment and the costs of shooting stay economical, otherwise this trend could be overthrown by something better.

  3. The society’s preferences; it is a known fact that people’s preferences, priorities change over time and if the trend is overthrown, or people lose interest, then the industry might go into a slump.
    To avoid that, incentives are necessary, like marketing and giving people what they demand, whenever they demand it.

  4. Technological advancements; the Vlogging industry could go places with the new technology stepping into the market. The editing software are more enhanced and hence the quality of the vlogs has been improved, making them more interactive. Keeping up with these advancements is likely to make vlogging the future of the internet world.

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