If you want to take your vlogging career to the next level, you must consistently produce and upload high-quality and entertaining vlogs. And to do that, you need brilliant vlog ideas.

Finding new ideas regularly might be challenging, and repeating the same concepts on your vlogging channel can bore your viewers. Thankfully, we’ve taken care of everything for you. We were able to come up with tested and proven vlog ideas that will help you create the original content you need.

What should I Vlog in 2022?

Vlogging is not as complicated as it may appear. All you have to do is pick a niche and develop creative ideas for it.

Are you a travel enthusiast? Then you can start a travel vlog, where you can create videos discussing travel ideas, your own travel experiences, and much more. 

Surf the internet if you need to, and have your vlogs planned ahead of time.

What kind of vlogs are popular?

Daily vlogs, travel vlogs, and beauty vlogs are among the most popular vlogs on the market these days.

However, everyone has different preferences, and there are hundreds of various sorts of vlogs available on the internet. Other well-known video blogs include Technology, Health, and Fitness, Lifestyle among others.

10 Personal Vlogging Ideas:

Personal Vlogging Ideas
Source: Stephanie Rose

1- Draw my Life video

Draw my life videos are and have been a popular vlogging trend for quite some time. A draw my life video is simply a video in which you use particular drawing illustrations on a whiteboard or pen and paper to explain your life story to your viewers. Simply try to make it unique and add your own style to it.

2- Interesting Facts About You

Share some things about yourself that are fascinating or surprising. It could be your favorite dish, your favorite animals, or even a secret talent. People get more involved when they get to know you better.

3- Morning/Night Routine

Let your audience know what you do in the mornings when you wake up or at night before going to bed. Do you go for a morning run? What do you do in the mornings before going to work? People are fascinated by what other people do in the mornings and evenings. It kind of motivates them.

4- House/Room Tour

If you are one of those creators who would record their videos at home, that means your viewers will only see a particular camera angle and not the rest of your house/room. You can dedicate an entire video to showing your audience what your closet, bathroom, and studio look like. This sort of satisfies their curiosity.

5- Share Your Bucket List

We all have those experiences and achievements we hope to accomplish in our lifetime. You can share yours with your audience. Do you want to go on a vacation to Paris? Do you want to see the Egyptian Pyramid someday?

6- What’s In My Bag

You can create a video showing the items you carry around in your bag when going on a trip/vacation. Tell your audience why you need those things and what they will be useful for.

7- Your Life Goals

We all have ambitions and goals in life. What are some of yours? Tell your audience about your goals. Do you have a role model, a dream job, or a goal of achieving 20million subscribers before the year’s over? People find these sorts of videos captivating and relatable and they’re an excellent way to connect with your target audience.

8- A Regular Day In My Life

Vlogging for the most part includes showcasing significant highlights of what happens in your life on a daily basis, so your viewers don’t get to see your entire day on video. You can decide to share some insights into your life by filming entirely what happens on a regular day in your life.

9- Clean With Me

We clean our rooms/homes almost every day. You can share your cleaning process with your audience, throwing in some tips and giving reviews on the cleaning detergents you use in performing the task.

10- Behind The Scenes Video

Your audience has no idea what goes on behind the camera. All they see is a smoothly edited video at the end of the day. So you can show them how you record your videos, what angle you position your camera when recording, and even how you edit your vlogs.

6 Vlogging Ideas With Friends:

Vlogging Ideas With Friends
Source: Nigahiga

1- Parody Videos

This is basically making fun of some act, which could either be a popular song, some political content, or hilarious parts of a movie by simply creating an exaggerated version of them. This can be really fun to watch especially if you can do it right.

2- Pranks

Pranks a quite popular and do have a tendency to go viral most of the time. Watching people show their genuine reactions /emotions when in awkward situations can be quite hilarious. You can do funny pranks on your friends/family. However, try not to do anything extreme so you don’t hurt anyone.

3- Fails/Fail Compilations

Watching other people fail can be really entertaining. You can do a compilation of your own fail attempts or that of others like falling off a bike, animal fails or baby fails.

4- Bloopers

Almost everyone has some sort of curiosity about what happens behind the scenes in their favorite movies. You could do funny bloopers compilation of some popular movies or TV Shows and share it with your audience.

5- Reaction Videos

“Reacting to” videos are quite a popular trend these days. You could do a video of yourself reacting to something. It could be TikTok videos, music videos, Facebook profiles, and lots more.

6- Skits

Skits are simply short plays or sketches, with the actors imitating certain people, events, or more for entertainment purposes. If you have some acting skills, then you can do some comedy skits to entertain your audience.

Challenge Vlog Ideas with Friends:

Source: Rimorav Vlogs

1- The “Eat It Or Wear It” Challenge

This is a messy, but fun challenge you can do with your friends. This challenge basically requires you to place some random food names that are written on a piece of paper in a bag. Once this is done, you’ll have to pull one out at random and decide whether to eat it or wear it. At the end game, the person wearing the least amount of food wins.

2- The Ghost Pepper Challenge

This is a great challenge you can perform but will need a lot of guts to do, and you may have a hard time convincing your friends to do it with you.  All you have to do is eat a whole pepper while filming your reaction. If you decide to take on this challenge, please make sure you are ready for the outcomes as it might turn out crazy. If possible, watch similar videos just to get a heads up.

3- The Whisper Challenge

This challenge is super easy, and can be done with a bunch of friends. With this challenge, you have to put on some loud music, and try to listen to what your friend is saying just by reading their lips. Just make sure the music isn’t too loud so you don’t inconvenience your neighbors.

4- The “Touch My Body” Challenge

This challenge is best suited for friends of opposite sexes or even couples. You could do a friend tag or couple tag if you want to carry out this challenge. How this works is; one person is blindfolded and the other places the blindfolded person’s finger onto one of their body parts, who must guess the body part it is.

5- The Disney Challenge

This is a basic challenge that needs two or more participants to listen to a series of Disney songs and predict the song’s name and movie origin in a matter of seconds. This is definitely something you can do with your friends, and it’s completely risk-free, although it may as popular as the others.

6- The “Try Not To Laugh” Challenge

This is another fun challenge you can do with your friends. Watch a series of funny clips or videos without laughing or smiling and the one who doesn’t laugh wins. You’ll be needing a mobile phone or laptop, and/or internet connection.

7- The “Bean Boozled” Challenge

You may need a couple of friends with this one. To perform this challenge, you’ll need a pack of jelly bean boozled pack. Once you have it, open it up, eat the jelly beans with your friends and try to predict the flavor. Just remember not to peek at the flavors mentioned on the back of the pack if you want this challenge to be really entertaining.

Vlog Ideas At Home:

Vlog Ideas At Home
Source: Cara's Cakes

1- Share some cooking/baking tips

You could make a video teaching your audience how to cook or bake, with a few tips and do’s and don’ts threw in for good measure. Sometimes, prepare delectable dishes solely to motivate your viewers and if possible, share some recipes with your audience.

2- Parenting Advice/Tips

Create videos sharing parenting advice that can help parents tackle the everyday hurdles of parenthood. Add a few hacks, as well as some tips like “keeping a bin in your kids’ closet for clothes” or “this is how you should deal with sick kids.”   Such contents are extremely relatable.

3- Trying Everything In My Closet

Show your audience what your closet looks like. Try out some old clothes you haven’t worn in a while to see if they still fit. You can equally do a clothing haul, trying out the new clothes/items you got. Also, share some dress-matching tips with your audience.

4- House Tours

Doing house tours generally provides some insight into your life and will help your viewers know you better. You could make videos showing your home, moving from room to room, explaining from décor to furniture. Just make sure your home looks clean and presentable.

5- Gardening Tips

If you have a garden at home, you can create videos teaching your audience how to carter for their gardens, how to choose the right plants, and when to plant. Share some gardening tips on beautiful gardening designs, how to keep plants constantly fresh, and other relevant tips.

6- Home Makeovers

Do you intend to replace some outdated furniture? Or do you wish to change the layout of your home? You can record yourself doing this and share it with your audience. Give some reviews on the new furniture you purchased. Try to be as creative as possible with your designs and provide some budget-friendly home improvement ideas.

7- Home Workouts For Men/Women

People love working out nowadays and because of the Covid-19 pandemic, going to the gym became practically impossible. You could make full workout tutorials and share them with your audience. You can even go as far as explaining to your audience what equipment they’ll need for their home work-out sessions such as a mat, jump rope, resistant bands, adding some information on where they can get them.

Vlog Ideas For Couples:

Vlog Ideas For Couples
Source: The Juicy Vlog

1- Our Daily Routine

Couple routines are generally unique and fun to watch. You can make a vlog about your daily routine with your partner. These types of video blogs are not only intriguing, but they bring out certain emotions even among your viewers.

2- A “How We Met” Video

Every couple has their own unique story as to how they met. You can share with your audience how your love story started. Was it in a romantic way? Did you live in the same street? Did you meet in high school? People are always curious about how the couple started and most people can relate to these kinds of videos.

3- My Boyfriend/Husband Does My Makeup

A lot of guys barely know anything about makeup. Making them fumble with your makeup kit while trying to do your makeup can be quite hilarious and fun to watch. This can be an interesting video blog idea for your audience.

4- Valentine’s Day (Gifts) Ideas

A lot of people are excited about Valentine’s Day. You can create a video telling your audience how to prepare a perfect gift for their partners. To add a little flair, give a few pointers, the dos and don’ts, and perhaps your own valentine experiences.

5- Best Places For A Couple To Travel

People love the idea of traveling together on a vacation or romantic getaway with their significant other for a memorable experience. You could recommend a few places based on your research and experiences, mentioning beautiful hotels and restaurants.

6- Relationship Advice/Tips

Every couple goes through a rough patch in their relationships at some point. Talk about the hurdles you faced as a couple, how you overcame them, and the lessons you learned. Add a few tips on the do’s and don’ts mentioning how to react to certain arguments.

7- Couple Challenges

Try out a series of challenges with your partner. You can participate in challenges like staring contests, eating competitions, swapping underwear for a day, a “draw me challenge”, and many others.

8- How Well Do You Know Your Partner

This is like playing a game of 20 questions. The only difference is you’ll be asking each other questions about yourselves. You can do a vlog like this, and add a little flair to it by coming up with hilarious and intriguing consequences for incorrect responses.

9- Surprise Visits

People have some incredibly amusing and odd expressions/reactions to various situations, especially when they are caught off guard, and these reactions are not only interesting to see but also quite memorable. You can make a vlog surprising your girlfriend /boyfriend by paying them a visit. It could be in his or her workplace, the salon, or the gym, just to see how they react.

Trending Vlog Ideas:

Trending Vlog Ideas
Source: Kelsey Simone

1- Trending Video Tab

Creating unique ideas may get challenging as your vlogging career progresses and you may even run out of inspiration. Well, that’s okay! It’s quite normal. However, in case you run out of ideas, you can always visit the trending tab to get an insight into what’s currently trending among your audience. You just might find the perfect idea for your vlog.

2- Live Stream Videos

Streaming is now an extremely popular trend. You can host a live stream of yourself playing video games, having a chat with your audience, answering and asking questions. Streaming is more effective if you have a good number of followers. However, it is a great and fun way to actively engage with your audience.

3- Watch Similar Vlogs

There’s absolutely no harm in being actively engaged with similar channels/vlogs. By doing this, you might get some inspiration. Check out what they are up to, learn from their experiences, and grab some ideas.

4- Day In My Life Vlog

When it comes to trend, a day in my life video is at the top of its game. There is an alarming rate of popular vloggers, celebrities and others making “ a day in my life” vlogs, so you should too. Adding this to your uploads won’t hurt.

Vlog Ideas With Cousins:

Vlog Ideas With Cousins
Source: Angiee B

1- Cousin Tag

Carry out some research and make a list of amusing questions for you and your cousins to answer about each other. It could be questions relating to your likes and dislikes, relationships, experiences, and so on.

2- Opinion Videos

There’s just so much going on these days, ranging from politics to trending songs, shows, video games, and more. If you have cousins who are interested in any of these topics, then you can invite your cousins to share their thoughts. Just make it lively and try to get your audience engaged.

3- A Fun Day With Your Cousins

Organize a get-together with your cousins, and if possible invite other family members. Carry out some exciting activities such as eating competitions, car races, and share with your audience. Such videos will immensely encourage your viewers to do the same with their own families.

4- Comedy Videos

If your cousins/family members are creative, you should consider creating some original comedy shows that will make your audience laugh out loud. If you want your videos to be more engaging, then you should focus on creating shows that reflect other people’s lives so your audience can easily relate.

5- Travel Vlog

If you don’t mind a vacation, then you can try to do vlogging where you travel around with your cousins and try new things. Share some traveling experiences with your audience, the hurdles you faced, adding in some important travel tips. Give out some ideas to your audience on what to bring on a trip.

Vlog Ideas For Kids:

Vlog Ideas For Kids
Source: WhatsUpMoms

1- Gaming

When it comes to gaming, kids are at the top of the chain. It is no doubt that kids enjoy playing games on their mobiles and laptops. You can create a video showing popular or new games kids can enjoy, mentioning the rules of the game. Just try to make the content enjoyable and avoid games with a more adult theme.

2- Life Hacks

Kids love ideas that will make their life easier and keep them out of trouble. You can give them some helpful hints and life hacks connected to their schoolwork or daily activities, such as how to wrap their books in an old belt, how to personalize school bags, and so on. Just make sure the hacks are things that your parents would approve.

3- Toy/Gadget Reviews

You could create videos where you unbox and review new toys on the market. Share some ideas on how they work, adding in a few tips. You can equally unbox some new cool gadgets, which may be really amusing for the youngsters.  To make it more exciting and get your audience more engaged, do giveaways with some of the products you’ve reviewed/unboxed.

4- Cooking Recipes For Kids

You’d be surprised at how much kids enjoy cooking in their free time. A lot of kids love to experiment and try new things, and cooking is definitely one of them. Create some recipes they can try at home in their spare time. Just make sure the recipes are simple and safe for the kids. If possible, concentrate on recipes they can prepare without having to use the stove.

5- Dance Moves Challenge

With dancing skills becoming a hot trend on so many platforms these days, kids like learning new dance techniques so they can show them off to their peers and appear cool. Creating videos like this can get you quite a good number of subscribers/followers. However, just make sure everything from the music used to the dance moves, are appropriate for kids.

6- Blow Bubbles With Kids

If you blow bubbles in the air, you’d notice how gorgeous they are in the air as a result of the reflection of light on them. Kids are extremely attracted to these kinds of things. It just makes them really excited. You can record yourself blowing bubbles with your kids and share with your audience.

7- Pranks For Kids

Pranks are not only for adults. Kids can do a few pranks too. You can assist your child in doing simple pranks on their friends or other family members such as mixing lemon in a cup or water, or salt in a cup of tea. Just make sure the pranks are completely harmless to both parties.

8- Reaction With Kids

Pick out some famous movies, TV shows, unique dishes and record your kid’s reactions. This can be quite hilarious to watch.

9- Rhymes Videos For Kids

Are you good with animation? You can do some rhymes for kids, backing it with some enticing animation. Some of the most-watched videos on the internet are rhyme videos with perfect animations. A good example is the baby shark dance.

10- Magic Tricks

A lot of kids find magic tricks really cool. You could carry out some research on trending and popular magic tricks on the internet and try them in your videos. Just make it entertaining and engaging.

Vlog Ideas For Students:

Vlog Ideas For Students
Source: Ava Jules

1- A day in my life as a (10th grader/11th grader/college) student:

Every student has a unique morning/school routine and people find it intriguing to learn about that of others. Show your audience what your life’s like at school. You’d be astonished to learn that not just students but also parents will find this fascinating.

2- My outfit of the day

Students enjoy being kept up to date on the latest fashion trends in order for them to stay in the loop. You could create videos about your outfits of the day and share with your audience just to provide some inspiration.

3- Act Out A Book

If you have some great acting skills, then you can act out a popular educational book. Students who have trouble reading or retaining information can benefit from this. Acting it out can help them understand better.

4- Share Some School Lunch Ideas

A lot of students love packing their lunch boxes at home. Create a vlog sharing some healthy, easy, and cheap lunch ideas with your viewers such as some sweet potatoes and egg salad, ham and cream cheese wraps, and more.

5- School Tours

Take your audience on a fun school tour. Show off your massive school libraries, lecture halls, your school dining areas, science labs, and lots more. Maintain a balance of simplicity and interest.

6- Interviews

Consider creating a series of videos where you ask your teachers and other students about your school. Share their opinions and points of view with your audience. Just make sure they are aware that you are vlogging.

7- School Events

If your school hosts certain fun events every year, then you can create vlogs around these events and share them with your audience. It could be a cooking event, science plays, sports events, dance competitions, tournaments, and lots more. Just try to make it interesting and capture the fun parts.

8- Study Guides, Tips, And Tricks

You’d be surprised at the number of students who struggle to get good grades at school. Tell your audience about your study methods, chipping in some tips and tricks they can use to remember information better. If possible, share some tested and proven methods of memorizing concepts and tackling particular problems.


We hope you’ve discovered some amazing ideas for your vlogs after reading this article. Keep in mind that, when it comes to vlogging, consistency, and commitment are crucial, and you won’t be consistent if you don’t have ideas. You can always return to this article for more inspiration if you run out of ideas.

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