As a solo content creator and aspiring lifestyle vlogger, I’m always on the lookout for talented YouTubers to learn from and get inspired by. Over the years, I’ve discovered so many amazing lifestyle channels that cover everything from fashion and beauty to travel and cooking. 

In this post, I’m excited to share my top 10 favorite lifestyle vloggers and YouTubers that you should absolutely be following in 2023!

These talented creators make videos that are fun, entertaining, and full of useful tips. 

I’ve learned so much about styling, photography, editing, and videography just from watching their content. 

And they’ve introduced me to new products, destinations, recipes, and overall lifestyle hacks that have enhanced my life.

From relatable day-in-the-life vlogs to aspirational travel diaries, these YouTubers showcase their passions through vibrant visual storytelling. 

They’ve built engaged communities around their channels by being authentic, consistent, and truly passionate about their niches.I know you’ll discover new favorite creators and get a major dose of inspiration from this list. 

Let’s dive in to my top 10 lifestyle vloggers and YouTubers to follow right now! 

Get ready to smash that subscribe button.

Popular Lifestyle Vloggers:

Lifestyle vloggers are quite popular among all age groups and all genders. 

So what are lifestyle vlogs? 

When a vlog does not fall under just one specified category, it gets sidelines into the lifestyle category. 

The type of content can range from travel videos to shopping sprees and transition videos.

There are a number of lifestyle vloggers on YouTube but the top ten have been summarized below:

  1. Casey Neistat
  2. David Dobrik
  3. My Life as Eva
  4. Zoe Sugg
  5. Jenna Marbles
  6. Bella Fiori
  7. Ali Abdaal
  8. Nicole Guerriero
  9. Tyler Oakley
  10. Tess Christine

If you want to learn a bit about each of them, I have compiled a brief description of each vlogger, stating their subscribers, type of content and other features.

1. Casey Neistat

I am sure you know who exactly I am talking about because Casey has been able to make a name for himself in the YouTube community. He is one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube today and it just so happens to be that he is a lifestyle vlogger!

Based on his 12.4 million subscribers, it is safe to say that he deservedly so comes at the top of my list. He is popular among all ages and genders.

On his channel, you will find all kinds of videos; his daily shenanigans, his luxury trips or adventurous challenges.

He tends to live his life stress free and he promotes a healthy, positive attitude. Some of his videos are meant to motivate and inspire people into unlocking their potentials and living their lives to the fullest.

2. David Dobrik

David Dobrik is yet another lifestyle vlogger that deserves a place in the top ten. With a subscriber base of 18.2 million, David Dobrik remains at the top 2 of my list.

His videos are diverse and the content he creates is super fun to watch in your leisure time.

David videos contain humorous takes on his life adventures and he adds anecdotes in a way that is sure to engage the viewers to watch his videos till the end.

Along with the comedy videos, he also partakes in motivational style videos and also provides life hacks to his viewers!

He is one of the coolest lifestyle YouTuber today! His awards of “Breakout Creator” and “Vlogger of the year” in 2017 just proves his excellence.

3. My Life as Eva

Eva Gutowski started this channel on YouTube to upload her lifestyle vlogs. She posts more about her own life and hence, a huge chunk of her subscriber base is found to be female oriented.

She makes comedic videos on her life adventures and fails, along with makeup and fitness videos that she follows in her actual life.

The element of transparency and reality is what hooks her viewers to her videos. Through this, she has managed to gain 11.4 million subscribers!

She was also given the “Fastest growing star of YouTube” title along with a top listing on Billboard’s “Social media star” list. Hands down, she is one of the best lifestyle vloggers today!

4. Zoe Sugg

Zoe, also known as Zoella, is a British lifestyle vlogger who is quite popular on YouTube with 4.93 million subscribers and 960 million views!

She has been on YouTube since 2012 and has since been able to hook her viewers to her cute and entertaining videos.

If you don’t know her through her vlogging career, you may know her as the author of the book “Girl Online” which sold around 79K copies!

Zoe was more of a fashion vlogger before, but she decided to expand her main channel into more diverse branches and started uploading personal vlogs, vlogmas and other fun, entertaining videos along with Alfie Deyes.

5. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is another one of the most popular lifestyle vloggers out there. She has a fan base of 19.9 million subscribers which is quite impressive, given it’s even more than Casey Neistat.

She stepped foot in the YouTube world in 2010 and has since uploaded a total of 250 videos with total views of more than 1.7 billion views.

Her video content ranges from humorous takes on life to weekly vlogs, where she showcases her personal life on camera. Her eccentric personality is what draws the attention of her viewers.

Some of her famous videos are “Transforming myself into a dog” and “We bought a house”.

6. Bella Fiori

After the top 5, here comes Bella Fiori that I personally like to watch. She is an Australian YouTuber and her videos mostly focus on fashion, beauty, travel and my favorite, true crime!

Of course, her lifestyle videos are much more entertaining, through which she has managed to gain 2.55 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Her lifestyle video content includes her personal life and adventures with her boyfriend and her dogs, that are the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen!

Along with her YouTube presence, she has also managed to gain an astonishing number of followers on Instagram!

7. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is a doctor by profession and he uses that to create engaging content on YouTube. He shows his life as a doctor on camera and the way other doctors can relate to his lifestyle has been his source of getting more and more subscribers.

He currently has 3.09 million subscribers and the number keeps increasing every day.

I found his video “My Productive Birthday in Lockdown” really entertaining. I mean, I could relate to him at that point in so many ways, it was amusing.

Anyways, other than lifestyle vlogs, you can find him giving amazing study tips to students; he gives out these tips to motivate and inspire people to work smarter.

Along with that, you can also find tech reviews on his YouTube channel. I have put Ali Abdaal this high on the list only because of his humorous attitude, which makes his videos 10 times more fun and entertaining.

8. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole has been on YouTube for quite some time now. She first uploaded her video in 2006 and since then has gained a subscriber base of 2.77 million.

She started off as a beauty and fashion vlogger on a different channel called “Naturally Nicole”. There were product reviews, makeup tutorials, fashion videos and a lot more.

She then further expanded her niche into lifestyle videos where now she posts her life on her new channel along with her fiancé.

She hasn’t stopped with the fashion and makeup videos though, so you will still find those on her new channel too!

9. Tyler Oakley

In 2007, Tyler Oakley uploaded his first ever video on YouTube and since then he has become quite popular, thanks to his lifestyle videos.

His videos contain inspirational messages as well along with his personal shenanigans. He tends to address social and cultural issues on camera hence it won’t be wrong to call him an influencer.

His videos are mostly collaborations with other YouTube stars; his voice for LGBTQ+ rights and other social issues helped him reach the TV and he also got the opportunity to shoot a video with the former First Lady, Michelle Obama!

His huge fan base of 6.89 million subscribers loves his positive attitude and daily lifestyle videos.

10. Tess Christine

Tess is a YouTuber based in New York City who runs a lifestyle YouTube channel. She has around 2.33 million subscribers as of now and increasing with time.

She joined YouTube in 2008 and has come a long way since. She used to share cool makeup tutorials, hair, and fashion tips and tricks with her viewers. With the passage of time, Tess expanded into the travel niche and lifestyle niche as well.

Tess creates engaging content about her life; from her marriage to her pregnancy, everything is shown in a cute way on her channel.

Her videos often feature her husband, Patrick and her best friends. Tess channel actually has the most comfortable and casual videos that I love to watch when I am feeling a bit down.

Brett J.

I'm an enthusiastic American solo traveler. Since childhood, I had a great interest and passion for filmmaking; that's why I chose media sciences as a career and started Vlogging as a full-time profession.

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