In the era where YouTubers like PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, or MrBeast are earning dollars, the idea of making money from YouTube seems charming to someone. 

In fact, YouTube is the second most visited website, with more than 34 billion clicks per month. It shows the potential for growth on this platform. 


But what if you don’t know anything about making your presence on YouTube or, in other words making a channel? 

Worry not, as I’m here to take you out of this bewildering situation. 

In this guide, I’ll guide you all the way from creating a YouTube channel to verifying it. 

Plus, I’ll share some tips that can be helpful for you to accelerate the progress of your channel. 

Let’s go through it.

How To Start A Youtube Channel Right Now

Starting a successful career on YouTube begins with making a channel. 

Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Make a google account:

First thing first. You should have a Google account to open a YouTube channel. 

If you already have one, just skip to the next step.

If you don’t have a google account, follow this link to create one in a couple of seconds.

Make a google account

It will require your full name, a password, date of birth, your phone number. 

Don’t worry your data will never be linked publicly to your channel.

Step 2: Make a YouTube channel:

So, you have created your Google account. The next step is making a YouTube channel which is as simple as it gets.

  • Just go to the YouTube homepage.
  • Click on your name profile, which will be on the top right corner. A dialog box will appear.
  • Click on ‘Create a Channel.’ A box will open that will ask you to put a name. You can change the name of your channel. Tap on ‘Create channel.’

Congratulations, your YouTube channel has been created. Explore your new channel and learn more.

Make a YouTube channel

Step 3: Redesign your YouTube channel:

This step is quite important. It will not only give an aesthetic look to your channel but also gives an idea about your brand. 

To customize your channel, click on customize channel or hop over this link

You’ll find three options here. Go to the ‘Branding’ tab and add a profile picture and the cover photo related to the channel.

Redesign your YouTube channel

Then, move towards ‘Basic info’ and add a channel description and social media links if you have any related to this channel.

customise your YouTube channel

Step 4: Upload your first video, and you are good to go

Now, you’re done creating a YouTube channel. It’s time to upload your first video. Go to your channel or follow this link.

Upload your first video

The first video usually contains your and your channel introduction. You also tell the audience your niche, goals, and how you’re planning to move ahead with this channel. 

How To Find Niche For YouTube Channel

Now that you have successfully created a YouTube channel, the next step is choosing a niche. 

You can’t just randomly upload videos and get viewership. Yes, sometimes a random video can go viral, but the chances of this thing are pretty rare. 

But before heading forward, let us know what is a niche and how does it work? 

Then, I’ll guide you on how you can choose a niche and also tell you about some trending niches on YouTube.

1- How to Choose a Niche

The best way to choose a niche is to find one you are interested in. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Does this topic genuinely excite you?
  • Do you enjoy working on it?
  • Does it bring excitement to you?

2- Audience-enriched Niches (Volume):

Choose a niche with more potential. Look for hot topics and trends. 

The key is to offer something interesting. For example, if you are a freelance app developer, why not make tutorials about it? It can be anything from cooking, playing, teaching etc.

I have also enlisted some hot YouTube niches in the article. Look below.

3- Competition:

Figure out how many people are already working on your desired niche. Analyze them and find out the keywords with high demand and low competition.

This process is a bit tricky but not impossible. You can also use paid keyword tools like KWFinder, BACKlINKO, or ahrefs.

Pro tip: If you don’t have any specific idea about your niche. Find a niche through the hit and trial method. 

Upload videos of random topics and try to observe how they perform. In this way, you can find a niche that has potential.

Top 10 Trending Youtube Niches

Following are the trending YouTube niches:

  • Gaming
  • Gardening
  • Product reviews
  • Travel
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Animals or pets
  • Finance
  • Vlogs
  • Beauty, health, and weight loss
  • How to

7 Beginner Tips If You're Starting on YouTube

Here are seven tips for every beginner about starting their YouTube channel.

1- Be Patient. Be Consistent.

There’s a great chance that your first video may not get the desired view counts. 

But at least you’ve taken the step. As you grow, learn how you can optimize your videos, study the competitors, and make more engaging content.

YouTube logarithm ranks those channels higher that upload content consistently. 

Make a routine and strictly follow it. Also, make at least content of two months. 

2- Create Attractive Profile & Banner

It may not seem important, but having a having attractive profile and banner is crucial for your channel. 

When someone opens your channel, the first thing they’ll notice is your channel’s banners and profile pictures.

You can create it yourself using online websites like canva or hire someone to make a banner for you.

Nonetheless, your images should not only represent your channel but also be aesthetically pleasing. 

3- Create a Roadmap and Stick to It

Before starting a channel, answer these questions:

  • What are your target viewers
  • Why people should watch your videos
  • How will you engage with your audience
  • How frequently you’ll upload videos on the channel

In the start, don’t think about YouTube monetization. Make content that engages the audience and upload it daily. 

Money is a byproduct, and you’ll get it if your channel grows.

4- Provide Valuable Informations

When you get sick, you always try to find a specialist doctor rather than going to a general one. 

Similarly, people prefer a YouTube channel that’s more niche-specific. 

Therefore, research your relevant place and work on it. 

Create valuable content for your audience.

The channels with huge fan followings can post anything, and they will get viewership. 

But for beginners, content matters the most.

Pro tip: If you have a broad niche, narrow it down. For example, instead of choosing freelancing as your niche, choose graphic designing or web development as your micro-niche.

5- Learn From Successful YouTubers

Before starting a YouTube channel, take some time and learn from big names. 

Especially focus on those YouTubers who are well-established in your interested niche.

Spend some time studying them, learn what strategy they follow, how they edit their videos, and most importantly, look for their video presentations.

For example, MKBHD, a big name in the tech world, often shares his ‘What’s in my Tech Bag’ or ‘My Everyday Tech’. 

6- Choose Budget-friendly But Personalized Gadgets

To start a YouTube channel, you need some basic equipment. E.g Microphone, A Camera, Tripod etc

Remember, whatever tools you’re selecting, they must fit your budget and needs. 

For starters, you don’t need Hollywood-level cameras and mics. You can start with something cheap.

7- Research, Optimize, and Repeat

Last but not least, strengthen your grip on the research. Study your competitors. Learn YouTube SEO, and target those keywords with low competition and high volume. 

Engage with your audience and pay special attention to their suggestions. 

Learn to love the stats. They are the best way to tell you the progress of your channel.

Remember one thing: content is the king, and you’ve to produce helpful and engaging content. 

And be patient. It may take one month, one year, or three years to achieve your goal. 

But success is mandatory for those who work for it.

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Youtube Channel

Now that you have done your research and are ready to work on your channel. 

Here comes another yet crucial question. 

What could be the best possible equipment to start your YouTube channel? 

At first, you don’t have to invest in heavy and expensive gadgets. 

You can even start a YouTube channel with just your smartphone or a budget-level camera. 

Below is a list of equipment and the best suggestions for beginners.

1- A camera:

Unless you are not interested in making animated or explainer videos, you may need a camera.

 Your content type defines the camera you need. 

Here is a list of cameras for starters:

  • Sony ZV-1 The ultimate camera for beginners
  • GoPro Hero10 Black An action camera for those who are interested in POV, Sports & Motovlogging videos
  • Fujifilm X-S10 Budget Friendly camera.
  • Razer Kiyo Webcam for streaming

2- External Microphone:

What’s the purpose of a good quality video if its audio suffers. 

Crisp video with excellent audio quality engages your audience and increases your viewership.

Below is a list of some of the best microphones for YouTube beginners:

  • Audio Technica ATR2100 A microphone for voice-over YouTubers
  • Shure MVL A microphone for smartphone YouTubers

Follow this link to have an idea of the best YouTube microphones: Best Lavalier Microphone For Vlogging & YouTube Videos.

3- Laptops:

For YouTubers, a laptop is a much-needed thing. You can not only edit videos on it but also can store files, optimize audios and much more. 

When choosing the best laptop, give preference to RAM, ROM, and processing power.

Here is a list of laptops for beginners:

  • M1 Macbook air: The best laptop for content creators
  • Dell Xps15: A laptop in the budget segment

Follow this link to find out more about some more options: Best laptops for YouTubers

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How do you start a YouTube channel without anyone knowing?

You can start a YouTube channel by making it in somebody else’s name. Don’t show your picture. 

Choose that niche that doesn’t require your face to be on the camera. 

Here’s a list of some YouTube ideas that don’t need face:

  • Animated videos
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Faceless tutorials
  • Roasting videos with no face
  • Game streaming
  • ‘Study with me’ or ‘Work with me’ videos
  • Time-laspe videos
  • POV videos

2- How to start a youtube channel as a teenager?

Youtube doesn’t allow children under 13 to create their own YouTube accounts. 

Plus, they only allow teenagers to open their accounts with parental permission if they are between the age of 13 and 17. 

Of course, you need your parent’s ID and permission to start a YouTube channel and then follow the steps above.

3- What is the easiest way to earn from YouTube?

Although working on your favorite niche is the easiest way to earn money from YouTube. 

Some ideas require very little effort to be successful on YouTube. These ideas include:

  • Reaction videos
  • Vlogging
  • Game streaming

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