The Sony a6000 is the perfect camera for those who want to take their photography on-the go. 

With its compact size and high image quality, this mirrorless model will make you feel like an expert photographer without having all of those bulky lenses clanking around in your bag!

Is Sony A6000 Good for Vlogging?

So if you’re looking for a camera to use while vlogging, the answer is yes—the Sony A6000 would be perfect! It has fast autofocus and an image processor that helps with shooting speed. 

In addition, it can also take high-quality photos, making this one powerful tool in your arsenal of gear needed when documenting life on YouTube or Instagram stories alike.

Sony A6000 Overview:


Sony a6000 is perfect for beginners who want to take their first steps into photography or videography. 

With its small size and affordable price, this beauty can capture great shots even if you don’t have an expert eye looking through the viewfinder—which has 1080p resolution with a 16-56mm lens attached to it (you’ll also get shooting modes like manual settings).

The Sony a6000 is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t need professional cameras’ extra features or capacity. 

This camera will provide you with everything from still images to videos, and it’s perfect as your everyday shooter!

Body & Design:

The body is lightweight, slim, and compact. It weighs only 0.76 lb (344 g) with the battery included, This makes it a perfect choice for travelers because they won’t have trouble carrying their camera around with them on the go! 

Not surprisingly, as this isn’t weather-sealed either, there’s no need to worry about rain or other elements ruining your vlogging adventure – but don’t let its lack of durability stop you from taking some great shots while traveling anyway.

The camera is designed to be easy and comfortable for handling. 

It includes all of the basic controls with an EVF on one side, a multi-interface shoe that can easily attach external flashes near your eye, and a tilting LCD screen! The grip is perfect for those with medium to large hands. 

The Sony a6000 is one of the most popular camera models for vlogging. 

It might not have an all-angle screen. Like other cameras, you can only tilt it upward 90 degrees and downward 45 degrees, but unfortunately, there’s no rotation, so vloggers will need to keep their eyes forward while recording themselves! 

There are four color options are available: black or silver for those who want something classic looking; white if your preference goes towards modern designs with added style points from graphite which gives off an elegant vibe without being too flashy.

Perfect For Low Light Performance​:

If you are looking for a camera that can capture high-quality photos in low light, this is the perfect model. It has a 24MP  APS-C sensor with an ISO range from 100 – 25600, which allows it to take clear pictures even when there’s no light available!

Image Stabilization:

The Sony a6000 lacks in-body image stabilization, which makes things harder when shooting smooth footage with pans or tilts throughout your video clip.

If your filming requires more stability than what this camera offers, consider investing in an additional lens or other equipment that will help avoid shaking while taking footage.

The device’s lack of built-in image stabilization means it may not work well when capturing smooth pans like those seen in some YouTube videos.

Time-lapse Mode:

Sony A6000 doesn’t have an included time-lapse mode, but you can purchase the Sony Time Lapse App for $10. This will allow you to create cool and creative videos with your camera!

Battery Timing:

The battery life is rated for 310 shots per charge when using the EVF, so overall, this camera only has a short battery life, so you’ll need more than one set of batteries for extended recording time.

Sony A6000 Video Test:

Reason To Buy?

  • Amazing Video Quality for the price; 
  • Blazing-Fast Hybrid autofocus 
  • Swift burst shooting ; 
  • More compact than a DSLR;
  • In-camera Wi-Fi wireless networking
  • Perfect Compact Camera for Vlogging

Reason To Avoid?

  • No touch-screen display
  • Short Battery Life



If you’re looking for a new camera to start vlogging with, the Sony a6000 is a great option for beginners. It’s got some great features that will help you take your vlogging to the next level


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