Rules and Laws of Vlogging

Have you ever been stopped while recording your Vlogs in a public place? If not, you are one lucky fellow! Whether you are recording on a road, a park or a store, sometimes in some areas, you may be called out for recording your vlogs in public and invading people’s privacy. However, knowing about the basic rules and laws of Vlogging might save you the trouble.

Three basic rules and laws to follow for vlogging include:

  • Asking for people’s consent before recording them
  • Taking the store owner’s permission
  • Getting a release form signed by the people you have recorded to be on the safe side is

Is it illegal to Vlog in Public?

The legality of recording vlogs depends entirely on the laws of the country you are making vlog in since vlogging laws vary from place to place. In the majority of the countries, there are no specific laws for Vlogging in public, and you can easily record your Vlogs without getting into any trouble.

However, some places like Spain require you to have permission from the local government, especially when using a tripod and obstructing public roads. Therefore, you need to know about the significant rules and regulations of the place you are Vlogging in to avoid any kind of issues.

Do Vloggers need film permits?

You will require permission to record Vlogs if you are using equipment that may interfere with people’s routine life in any manner. Also, any vlog made for promoting something or someone is considered commercial, and for it, you will also need approval. For other regular Vlogs, there is no such requirement.

1- Are you allowed to Vlog at Disneyland?

Yes, you are allowed to make Vlogs at Disneyland as long as you are just making it for personal uses and not recording them for commercial purposes. If you are more into making commercial footage from Disney properties, including Disney World, theme parks, Disneyland, etc., you will require permission from the authorities.

2- Is Vlogging legal in India?

Vlogging is definitely legal and acceptable in India if you are standing at your own property. However, at public places like stores, railway stations, or some government properties, you may require to either seek permission from the owners or asked to stop vlogging depending on the privacy rules of that particular place.

3- Can you vlog in a Casino?

You can make Vlogs in casinos depending on the rules of the Casino you are in. Some of the casinos are stricter about their privacy concerns than others, so you definitely will need to discuss it with the Casino owners before recording your Vlog.

4- Can you vlog in Schools?

Making Vlogs in schools is not allowed in the majority of cases. Some schools don’t even allow bringing mobile phones to school, let alone permitting Vlogging. This is because the use of mobile phones or Vlog recording can turn out to be distracting for students.

5- Can you vlog in Dubai?

You are allowed to make Vlogs in Dubai only if you are using your smartphones to do so. Once you are caught with a camera or a tripod stand, you may be asked for permits to show to continue or else you will be stopped from recording your Vlogs.

6- Can you Vlog at Stores?

You can only Vlog at stores once you have got permission from the owners. You are not allowed to make Vlogs in stores that have prior notices against any kind of filming. Also, you will have no permission to record in changing areas of the storerooms, or you may end up being in hot waters.

7- Can you Vlog at Walmart?

Making vlogs or unauthorized filming is absolutely not permitted at Walmart out of respect for their associates and customers. If caught recording, the associates may have all the rights to remove you from the store.

8- Can you Vlog in North Korea?

There is absolutely no issue in recording Vlogs in North Korea. However, there are some exceptions when it comes to including some people or places in your Vlogs, like you are not allowed to capture or record military people, construction sites, etc.

9- Can you Vlog in China?

Although Vlogging is allowed in China, it is strictly controlled and screened by the moderators or authorities. Vloggers have to follow strict rules of restricting what they can post on their channels.

10- Can you Vlog in Government Buildings?

You are allowed to make vlogs in most of the government buildings, however, you will have to take care of what you are recording and the people you include in your videos to save yourself from any kind of trouble.

11- Can you Vlog while Driving?

Vlogging while driving is not illegal, and you can vlog while you drive. However, in some countries, distracted vlogging is considered illegal, and this may include using your camera or smartphone while you are driving.

12- Can you Vlog at the Airport?

There is absolutely no harm in recording Vlogs in airports since they are considered public places. However, take care of not making people uncomfortable and try your best to not invade people’s privacy.


Vlogging has gained all the attention in recent times, and if you are a Vlogger who loves recording any time and any day, you know how tricky it can get to record your Vlogs in public places. While there is no harm in recording your vlogs in public in some countries, other countries may have some strict rules to follow while you are making a video.

Therefore, before you finally decide to record your Vlog at a particular place, make sure you get some know-how of all the rules and laws of vlogging, so you don’t end up being in any kind of trouble for doing your job.

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