Pinterest is a powerful visual-sharing platform that can be used to promote your YouTube videos. By creating pins for your videos, you can drive traffic to your channel and increase viewership. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to create pins for your videos and promote them on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Before we jump on to the how’s and whys of the Pinterest promotions, let me give you a brief introduction of what Pinterest actually is.

Pinterest is just another social media platform where users upload pictures and videos on literally every topic. 

You can create mood boards within the app and pin your favorite images from the plethora of available pictures to your account.

The mood boards are created to gather up images of a particular theme and sort them in one place. These mood boards help users to find their desired pictures with just one click.

These pictures that get pinned are basically linked to their source accounts so if you like a picture and you click on it, Pinterest will automatically redirect you to the source website to where it was originally uploaded.

Why to Use Pinterest for Promotions?

Pinterest marketing statistics

It may come as a question to you as to why Pinterest is being used to promote YouTube videos because it only shares the pictures and videos on a public forum.

Well the answer is, the links. Whatever is uploaded onto the database of Pinterest, is linked to its original source and hence, it acts as a really good promotional tool for YouTubers.

One more thing that makes it one of the best promotional platforms for YouTube videos is the amount of organic search traffic from search engines.

If you go on Google and type in about, for example, Maldives, Google will display images and videos that have been uploaded on Pinterest in its top searches, so yeah, it is perfect to boost up your subscribers and viewers.

How Can You Use Pinterest to Promote Your YouTube Videos?

Now that the what and the why are out of my way, let me tell you a step by step guide on how to use Pinterest for promotion of your YouTube videos.

1. Prepare:

First things first, you will need a Pinterest account so if you don’t already have one, it’s better to make one before you jump on to the further steps.

When you’re done with that, make sure you create a separate board for your YouTube pins; it will help keep it organized and obviously will help in search engine optimization.

2. Ensure Branding of your Video:

Secondly, to leave a good impression on the viewers, make sure all your videos feature a brand image. Introduce yourself clearly in your video and ensure that you convey to the viewers who you are as a person.

It is important to do this because Pinterest will not display your channel subscription button or your YouTube video description there on the pin, however the viewers can click on it and they will be redirected to your YouTube page. But to make them to do that, you got to grab their attention first.

3. Get your YouTube Embedded Video Link:

To get your video onto the Pinterest feed, you will need to fetch your embedded link from YouTube.

Where you will find it? Check right below your video, you will find a share button through which you can access the embedded link.

Copy that link and paste it onto the Pinterest upload box. Make sure that you’re getting the right link (the longer one) because Pinterest will reject the shorter link (the one that you will see first).

4. Upload the New Pin:

Go to your Pinterest app or the website, sign in to your account and click on “Add a pin” button. It will take you to a dialog box where you will drop your video link in the box and click “Find images”.

5. Choose the Appropriate Board :

Choose your video from the list and then select your YouTube board. Finally, write down the description of your video; you can use the same description you uploaded on your YouTube channel or you can use the description box to write something new about your video to avoid duplication.

6. Write Optimized Description:

Make sure to optimize the description, use maximum keywords for SEO and keep the description under the character limit of 500.

One more thing you can do is to post a link to your channel or blog in the description for the viewers to check out. It stands out in the search engines, so it’s a good thing.

7. Stay Consistent:

That’s it. It is as easy to promote your YouTube videos on Pinterest but make sure that you maintain consistency because it will only be fully effective if you are consistent with it.

Make sure your users know how to find you on Pinterest and on YouTube; that will help your subscribers to go up at lightning speed!

Video Pinterest Promotion Tutorial:

What Are the Pros of Using Pinterest for YouTube Promotion?

  • It will aid in boosting up the ranking of your channel since your YouTube channel will get advertisement through a popular and trusted source.

  • You get three locations to showcase your video, ensuring maximum outreach; the homepage of Pinterest, your pinned board and on your own Pinterest page.

  • You can also share your Pinterest uploads on your other social media handles like Facebook and Twitter by linking your Pinterest account to your other accounts.

Now that you know what good Pinterest sharing would bring you, I doubt you’d still refrain from using this exceptional tool. Make sure you get the most out of this information. Make more videos, make them unique and bring your creative mind into play and sell your skills on Pinterest. Good luck!

Brett J.

I'm an enthusiastic American solo traveler. Since childhood, I had a great interest and passion for filmmaking; that's why I chose media sciences as a career and started Vlogging as a full-time profession.

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