Mukbang, or munching with audio and visual, is a popular online genre in South Korea. It’s like a vlog, but the host eats instead of talks.

And while most mukbangs feature someone consuming the regular old food, some take things to the next level by indulging in more exotic fare.

Now, this trend has taken the world by storm, and people are adopting it as a career.

So, if you are interested to know what some fun mukbang video ideas that would be sure to get attention are? Or, if you are searching for questions that you can ask your mukbang friend/vlogger?

You are in the right place as I’ve covered a wide range of questions as well as how to start a mukbang vlog/channel along with some ideas.

Stay with me.

How to Do a Mukbang Vlog/Videos:

Watching the mukbang videos of other YouTubers/vloggers is pleasurable, but the real enjoyment is doing it yourself. So, if you are planning to make mukbang videos, Let me reveal the untold truth that how to create a perfect vlog/video.

Make your presence on online platforms: First, you must ensure you are on a media platform like YouTube. 

If you are a total newbie and don’t know anything, you can hit the following link, where I’ve covered how to start a YouTube channel and grow it.

Choose the Most Suitable Equipment:

Use a wide-angle lens to cover more dishes.

People love to listen to the eating sounds. Therefore, selecting a proper mic is also important.

If you don’t have the know-how of the right equipment for your videos, you can follow these links as I’ve covered the right gadgets for you:

For the best camera for beginners : Best Cameras For Vlogging in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide.

For the best mics for beginners : Best Lavalier Microphone For Vlogging & YouTube Videos.

Pro Tip:

Things like duvet covers, blankets, cushions, and extra pillows can make your mukbang more comfortable and inviting.

Give Yourself a Challenge:

There is an untold rule of mukbang: One who eats more is the one who wins more. 

Try adding new and different dishes to your vlogs, e.g., give yourself 50 plates of macaroni challenge or 49 chicken wings challenge.

You should also try new ideas to allure more audiences. 

Find a Good Location:

You’ll want to find a spot with good lighting. You can try natural lighting; otherwise, invest in some good indoor lights like ring lights. 

Below I have a guide on choosing a perfect ring light for your mukbang vlogs:

To know about the best ring lights for beginners : Best Ring Lights for Vlogging, YouTube & TikTok Videos.

Make Sure You Have Enough Food:

You don’t want to run out of food mid-mukbang. Other than that, add more dishes to bring versatility. 

This will increase the interest of the audience in your vlogs.

Interact With Your Audience:

Finally, don’t forget to interact with your viewers. Mukbangs are about sharing the experience with others, so make sure to talk to your viewers and answer their questions.

Mukbang Vlog Ideas:

So, you have gone through the basic guide on how to take a kick-start for mukbang, and if you’re looking for some mukbang inspiration, here are a few ideas:

ASMR Mukbang:

This is a great option if you want to add an additional element of relaxation to your mukbang videos. 

Simply include some gentle ASMR sounds in the background as you eat your meal.

Plus, you can also include things like teddy bears, toys, cushions, etc., to enhance the aesthetic sense.

Mukbang With a Twist:

Add a little something extra to your mukbang by including a challenge or activity along with your meal.

For example, you could try to eat an entire pizza in under 5 minutes or see how many chicken wings you can eat in one sitting.

Collaborate With Another Youtuber/Vlogger:

Take your mukbang to the next level by teaming up with another mukbanger for a joint video. This is a great way to reach a new audience and add variety to your content.

Q&A Mukbang:

Give your viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your mukbang habit by answering questions about your favorite.

Food Reviews:

Take food from different brands and try out their different dishes. Rate them based on taste, crispiness, and texture. It will not only help those looking for reviews but also pull the food lovers.

Alright, it’s time for questions. This category includes enough questions that you can ask from a general mukhbanger as well as a Youtuber/friend.

15 General Mukbang Questions to Ask:

  1. What made you start watching mukbang?
  2. What made you start creating mukbang videos?
  3. Do you have a favorite mukbang broadcaster?
  4. What kind of food do you like to see being eaten on screen?
  5. Do you think the trend will continue, or will it eventually die out?
  6. Are there any other eating trends that you’re interested in?
  7. What do you think makes a good mukbang?
  8. Why do you think people enjoy watching others eat?
  9. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start making mukbangs?
  10. Who came up with the idea for mukbang, and how did it become popular?
  11. What is your worst experience with mukbang?
  12. How do you handle the people who criticize mukbang?
  13. What is your advice for newbies in the mukbang field?
  14. What were your first problems at the start?
  15. Do you ever find any annoying eaters?

15 Mukbang Questions for a Friend

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  2. At what age did your start mukbang eating/watching?
  3. What is the one food that you can’t live without?
  4. If you are locked in a room for your entire life, what food would you like to take with you?
  5. What is the food that you hate the most?
  6. Have you ever gotten beaten by your parent for mukbang eating?
  7. What is your favorite mukbang gift?
  8. Have you ever seen any change in your weight after starting mukbang?
  9. How do you manage to eat so much in one sitting?
  10. Besides mukbang, what are the things you like the most about Korean culture?
  11. How do you eat hot food without cooling it?
  12. Do you have any plan to collaborate with any of your friends in your next mukbang vlog?
  13. Can you cook?
  14. How will you feel if you don’t get food for a whole week?
  15. What is the most unhealthy food that you like?

15 Mukbang Questions for Youtube:

  1. Few words for a person who is just starting mukbang on youtube?
  2. What kind of gear do you use for mukbang recording?
  3. Who inspired you to start mukbang on YouTube?
  4. Do you ever face criticism about eating food on the screen?
  5. Choose one: mukbang continental or mukbang fast food?
  6. What is the funniest incident while recording mukbang on YouTube?
  7. Where do you see after 5 years as a mukbang YouTuber?
  8. How do you choose food for mukbang for YouTube?
  9. Can you show us what’s inside your fridge?
  10. Do you make money from mukbang on YouTube?
  11. Why do people say that mukbang is not good for health?
  12. Do you prefer doing commentary over mukbang videos or just eating without talking?
  13. How do you like your steak cooked?
  14. What are the precautions that you take to avoid food poisoning/acidity?
  15. Is it the texture or the food itself that allures the audience?

15 Mukbang Questions for Couples:

  1. Did you ever do mukbang-date?
  2. Do you ever face criticism being a couple-mukbang?
  3. What is your common favorite food?
  4. Do you ever fight on selecting food for a mukbang vlog?
  5. Do you share your favorite food?
  6. What was your worst/funny experience about mukbang?
  7. Who is good at mukbang eating?
  8. Apart from eating, which is good at cooking?
  9. Have you any regrets about mukbang?
  10. Aside from mukbang, how did you meet and decide to start mukbang eating?
  11. Did you guys ever try Indian/Arabic food?
  12. What would it be if you had only one option: mukbang or love?
  13. Have you ever wished to get married to a chef fiancee?
  14. If you have a budget of $4000, how will you use it to buy mukbang?
  15. What is your fantasy about mukbang?

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