Vlogging may be a strange word to some but it has recently become popular worldwide, and it simply entails a video blog or log. Over the years, vlogging has become so important, educational and popular.

Vloggers are people that put together a video or a video link with supporting images or texts and upload it on a video blog. Some record their daily activities, while others share educational or inspiring vlogs with millions of followers and fan base.

In recent years, the major component of vlogging features mainly self-featured videos that are live-streamed or pre-recorded and uploaded online.

Each usually sees the vlogger sharing thoughts about a subject matter or sharing their daily activities with their followers—vloggers speak directly into the camera, as it is usually entertaining or educational.

Top 15 Most Popular Vloggers To Follow Right Now

  1. Casey Neistat
  2. Rachel Aust
  3. Ali Abdaal
  4. Nayna Florence
  5. Holly Gabrielle
  6. Azlia Williams
  7. Roman Atwood
  8. Daniel Howell
  9. Amazing Phil
  10. Alfie Days
  11. Tyler Oakley
  12. John Olsson
  13. Vlog Brothers
  14. Lily Singh
  15. Louis Cole

1. Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat, another American, is a YouTuber, filmmaker, and vlogger. He has 12.4 million followers on his YouTube channel, which features different types of video content.

However, his vlogging videos are the most popular. Most of his videos include daily happenings around his life, although he no longer uploads videos.

Interesting facts about Casey Neistat:

  • Casey Neistat is the brains behind creative space, 368.
  • He has an inspirational video named Draw My Life – Casey Neistat, that shows his transition into becoming one of the best vloggers on YouTube.

2. Rachel Aust

Rachel Aust is an expert and qualified nutritionist, fitness trainer, and wellness coach. She believes wellness is inclusive and should include the food you eat, body exercise and your thought pattern. She thinks to be ‘truly well,’ you must readjust how you grow.

In a highly popular series, she talks about different subjects, including health, lifestyle, fitness and general well-being. She also shares videos weekly with her audience covering nutrition and health talks.

Interesting facts about Rachel Aust:

  • Rachel Aust is the founder of the website EatRunLift. The website generally talks about how to maintain fitness goals.
  • The vlogger also has a video series teaching women with polycystic ovary syndrome how to cope with their condition.

3. Ali Abdaal

While at Cambridge University UK, Ali Abdaal started making videos of himself on YouTube as an undergraduate student in the medical field. 

He currently works with Cambridge under the U.K’s National Health Service (NHS).

He makes vlogs of himself as a doctor and the life and happenings of a medical practitioner. Also, part of his weekly vlogging includes videos of him and friends, study videos and tech reviews.

Interesting facts about Ali Abdaal:

  • Ali Abdaal runs and owns a business known as 6med. The sole purpose of the business is to aid students willing to enrol in med school.
  • Apart from a YouTube channel, he also has a website where he posts blogs.

4. Nayna Florence

Nayna Florence is a UK-based vlogger who shares a series of videos on her popular YouTube channel, including travels, fashion, and university life.

Her vlogging isn’t limited to a particular speciality, but her videos are broader. She’s open to viewing life from different angles, as seen in her video patterns.

Vlogging for her is about inspiring and sharing positivity and happiness with her audience through different aspects of life.

Interesting facts about Nayna Florence:

  • She is the founder of the website Sixteenth; the website entails all her passions and intentions.
  • Nayna Florence is vegan fighting for animal rights.

5. Holly Gabrielle

Holly Gabrielle prides herself as a vegan lifestyle vlogger.

She’s an American YouTuber and content creator with a rather distinct channel from many others; this has garnered her about 400,000 subscribers.

Besides her educational wit and unique channel, she is also very well known to have helped many students.

Interesting facts about Holly Gabrielle:

  • Holly Gabrielle is an American YouTuber with first-class honors from the department of Biological Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.
  • She has helped several students all over the United Kingdom.

6. Azlia Williams

Azlia Williams is another American social media star popular for vlogging and posting youtube videos. Since 2014 when she started posting, her fanbase has grown steadily to reach 700,000 subscribers.

In her videos, she highlights the various parts of her life, from her usual daily routines and the people she interacts with to her various appointments.

Her post covers a wide scope of content on her YouTube channel, including fitness and weight loss, healthy eating, makeup videos, dietary videos, Q&As, challenge videos, etc.

Interesting facts about Azila Williams:

  • She is one of the youngest social media influencers.
  • She also has an estimated net worth of between $100,000 and $200,000. However, no one knows the exact figures.

7. Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is best known for creating YouTube videos that showcase his life. He has a few featured-length prank vlogs and intends to make them more epic. His pranks videos are in his “my old dusty channel” – RomanAtwood, which has well above 10.6 million subscribers.

Since he began vlogging, he has been sharing videos regularly informing his fans about his personal life and progress.

Roman’s vlogs are quite comical, considering he was once a prankster. Over the years, he has reduced the duration of his videos, making them shorter. He also increased the time frame before release to a week.

Interesting facts about Roman Atwood:

  • Roman Atwood’s vlog is the 50th most subscribed YouTube channel.
  • He is the second vlogger on YouTube to receive two different Diamond Play Buttons.

8. Daniel Howell

Daniel Howell is a British YouTuber who started uploading videos in 2009 and has grown to have many subscribers to his channel.

He made his videos with the name, Danisnotonfire. However, that channel is now renamed, Daniel Howell.

Also, Danisnotinteresting is another channel of his, where he uploads extra footage from videos. For him, he uploads videos to reflect his awkward nature and give his subscribers a perception of how people around him see him.

Interesting facts about Daniel Howell:

  • Daniel Howell studied law at the University of Manchester in 2010 but didn’t go ahead with the course due to a lack of interest.
  • He runs a gaming channel with his friend Phil named DanAndPhilGames, one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube.

9. Amazing Phil

As a vlogger, Phil enjoys sharing his life activities with his many scribers, and he does this through his AmazingPhil channel. The first video was in 2006, and he has continued posting videos ever since.

He has a co-Youtuber, Daniel Howell, with which they frequently collaborate to make videos, and his fans love it, especially his positive attitude towards life.

Interesting facts about Amazing Phil:

  • Phil’s most popular video has over 11 million views.
  • He was a co-host on BBC Radio 1’s entertainment show.

10. Alfie Days

PointlessBlogVlogs is one of the three YouTube channels operated by English YouTuber Alfie Days.

Asides from being a YouTuber, he is also a property investor, businessman and author. His vlogs are on his original PointlessBlog and PointlessBlogGames channels.

Interesting facts about Alfie Days:

  • Alfie Days started his YouTube blogging days while he was still in school.
  • The vlogger also has a record for most bangles put on in 30 seconds.

11. Tyler Oakley

Although Tyler Oakley’s videos may not be described as vlogs, most of his content fits the criteria. For those who like the strict vlogger depiction, he has a popular part called Day in the Life Videos.

Tyler makes two videos weekly on different subject matters, such as how he lost his virginity and certain product reviews. His videos include social issues like healthy living, education, and suicide prevention.

Interesting facts about Tyler Oakley:

  • He made the Forbes list of richest under 30 in 2016.
  • He also won the Shorty YouTuber award in 2017.

12. John Olsson

On his 1.54 million subscribed vlog channel, John Olsson shows his life as a free skier and car fanatic.

From the age of 16, John grew passionate about freestyle, and he became dominant in the sport, even going a step further in inventing his double flips.

He stays in Monaco, where he vlogs his daily active and busy life activities.

Interesting facts about John Olsson:

  • John Olsson has won 9 X game medals from his skiing competitions.
  • He is the designer of a supercar known as the Rebellion R2K.

13. Vlog Brothers

On their vlogging channel, John Green and Hank Green have regularly posted videos since 2007. The main reason for the channel was to sever any form of text-related communication for a year; they would instead talk through a vlog.

However, it turned out to be quite interesting as the channel grew to have over 3 million subscribers.

Interesting facts about the Vlog brothers:

  • They are the founders of the website Nerdfighters.
  • The channel is presently 15 years old.

14. Lily Singh

Lily is a Canadian writer, vlogger, actress and YouTube personality. Her main channel IISuperwomanII has grown rapidly to over a billion views and counting, and the channel has well over 13 million subscribers.

Interesting facts about Lily Singh:

  • Lily Singh’s YouTube channel’s first initial purpose was a means to help her fight depression.
  • She is one of the most paid YouTubers in the world.

15. Louis Cole

Louis Cole is a vlogger who loves to showcase his travel activities around the world on his YouTube channel.

His daily vlog shows regularly show him meeting different people while making and inspiring new friends to have an exciting life.

His lifestyle has amassed him up to 1.98 million subscribers, yet the account continues to grow rapidly.

Interesting facts about Louis Cole:

  • Louis Cole is a filmmaker and one of the best world travel vloggers.
  • He is also the founder of Live adventure club.

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