When it comes to vlogging, the GoPro 7 is one of the most popular cameras on the market. But is it the best option for vlogging? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of using the GoPro 7 for vlogging, and I’ll help you decide if it’s the right camera for you. Stay tuned!

Best Choice for Daily Vlogging: GoPro Hero 7


1- Highlighted Features:

  • Smooth stabilization
  • Quality live-streaming
  • Waterproof
  • TimeWrape
  • High-Quality photos
  • High-resolution videos

2- HyperSmooth Stabilization:

This feature uses built-in sensors and algorithms to smooth out your video footage, giving it a professional look. It also compensates for camera shake, making it easier to vlog without a tripod. 

In addition, the Hero 7 has a time-lapse mode that automatically captures photos at regular intervals, allowing you to create stunning videos of your adventures

3- Quality Livestreaming:

Livestreaming is one of the most popular features of the GoPro Hero 7, and for a good reason. Whether you’re vlogging your daily life or broadcasting a live event, live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience. 

The GoPro Hero 7 makes live streaming easy with its built-in Livestream app. Just open the app and start streaming. 

You can even add filters and effects to your stream to make it more fun and engaging. Best of all, the GoPro Hero 7 Livestream app is compatible with popular social media platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live so that you can share your stream with the world.

It delivers live-streamed content in 720P while avoiding any unwanted and irregular movements through its HyperSmooth stabilization. Besides, I found it convenient because it saves the live-streamed content to an SD card for later use as well.

4- Waterproof:

You might like to capture pleasant summer rain scenes or take a shot somewhere where your camera might get exposed to water. Because Vlogging can take you anywhere, therefore, it is necessary to have a waterproof Vlogging camera. 

My experience with GoPro Hero 7 is amazing as it is rugged and can withstand water pressure up to 33 feet. If you want to take a shot underwater, then GoPro Hero 7 can be a great companion in your underwater adventures.

5- TimeWarp:

One of the most notable features is TimeWarp, which allows users to create stabilized time-lapse videos. TimeWarp automatically adjusts the speed of the video to match the user’s movement, resulting in a smooth and fluid final video. This is a handy feature for vloggers, as it enables them to capture long periods without worrying about shaking or blurriness.

6- Amazing Photo Quality:

The GoPro Hero 7 also offers an impressive photo resolution of 12 megapixels. This means that vloggers can capture high-quality photos and videos with the GoPro Hero 7. 

The camera is also very easy to use, making it an ideal choice for vloggers who want to capture high-quality photos and videos without spending a lot of time learning how to use the camera.

7- High-Resolution Video:

It records up to 4K60, which is four times the resolution of Full HD. This means that vloggers can capture incredibly sharp and detailed footage, even when filming in low-light conditions.

8- GoPro Hero 7 Specifications:

What To Look For In A Quality Vlogging Camera?

The camera is the essential equipment for Vlogging. Therefore, it should be chosen with great care. You need to know the qualities that a good Vlogging camera should have. 

My two years of Vlogging experience have led me to look for the following features in Vlogging camera before opting for any camera:

1- Quality Audio:

Quality audio is one of the important things to consider for Vlogging. You can record moments with quality audio with GoPro Hero 7 camera by attaching mic adapters such as Rode Video Micro.

2- Image Quality:

Obviously, image quality is what defines a good Vlogging camera, therefore, you should opt for the one having amazing image quality.

3- Video Resolution:

Video resolution is important in Vlogging because it defines the quality of the content you would share with your audience. Therefore, you need to opt for the one having a higher video resolution.

4- Image Stabilization:

Image stabilization is crucial in Vlogging because you would need to capture moments while moving. Therefore, opt for the camera which provides digital image stabilization.

5- Auto-Capture:

In Vlogging, you might need to capture yourself or there would be situations where you would need the camera to operate automatically. Therefore, choose the camera which has the auto-capture feature.

6- Voice Control:

You need to have an intelligent camera in your Vlogging journey that can comply with your voice commands. It is crucial in Vlogging because there will be moments when you won’t be able to operate your camera, that’s where you need the camera to have a voice-control feature.

Why Choose GoPro Hero 7?

Here is the comparison between GoPro Hero 4,5,6, and 7. The comparison will help you choose the best among the lot!


The GoPro Hero 7 is a vlogging camera known for its high photo quality. Many vloggers use the GoPro Hero 7 to take pictures and videos of their daily lives to share with their followers. The GoPro Hero 7 has a 12-megapixel sensor and can take 4K video at 60 frames per second. It also has built-in stabilization, which means that your videos will be smooth even if you move around. The GoPro Hero 7 also has a touch screen to navigate your way around the menu easily. If you are looking for a vlogging camera that takes high-quality photos and videos, then the GoPro Hero 7 is a good option.

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