Canon G7X Mark II has been in the market for a long time but is now being hyped as the most wanted vlogging tool that can up your game & ultimately subscribers too.

I have been creating vlogs for 5 years and using Canon from beginner time. Recently, in the last 8 months, I upgraded myself to the Canon g7xMark II and it has improved the quality of my videos greatly.

Let me show you the potential of this video camera, its features, and the reasons for its popularity among YouTubers and video makers.

Is The Canon G7X Mark II Good for Vlogging?


Yes, the Canon G7x Mark II is not only good, but it’s also one of the best options out there for vloggers who are on the go most of the time.

The Canon G7x Mark II is the upgraded version of the Canon G7x. It surely has lived up to its expectations with more specifications and added value.

If you are not a fan of bulky large-sized cameras, you will love this handy one that you can take anywhere on your adventures.

9 Fantastic Features of the Most Demanded Video Camera

The best thing to start with is that Mark II doesn’t miss any old features that its last version had. So, you won’t be missing out on anything if you are a G7X lover. Yes, it only gets better!

1- Body & Design:

Starting with the design it can easily be called the compact camera that is easy to carry around. What I love about it is that I don’t have to have another backpack for it, voila it fits in the one that I carry around.

It does weigh around 11.288oz / 320g which is a bit on the heavier side though. 

The additional feature is the rubber grip at the front which makes it non-slip while using. The LCD is touch-friendly and tilting too.

2- Camera & Lens:

With a built-in 1-inch lens and 20.2 MP BSI-CMOS sensor, it has an ISO range of 125-12800 and a faster DIGIC 7 image processor.

A metal body surrounds the control dial of the lens. The top is covered with an exposure comp dial that was a must. The rear has a rear dial.

The lens comes with an ND filter and a 9-blade curved aperture diagram. It ranges from F1.8-2.8 with a faster maximum aperture. It has a 4.2 optical zoom & focal zoom range is 24-100 mm.

I find the ND filters best for shooting in the sun which otherwise is a difficult task.

3- Audio Quality:

Canon G7X Mark II windfilter feature

The good news is that the G7x Mark II comes with a wind filter. This has greatly helped me to cut off the wind distortion and noise.

The bad news is that it doesn’t have a mic or a headphone jack which sometimes gives me a little bit of a hard time improving the distant audio quality. 

Otherwise, it’s good for close sounds.


Other features that are upgraded in this vlogging camera include:

  • NFC for easy transferring of files.
  • AF points are more
  • White balance fine-tunes settings have more options.
  • You can change audio levels manually while recording.
  • Better ISO with a 6-digit processor.
  • Controllable AF speed transitions.

4- Video Quality:

The Dual Pixel AF technology in canon g7x mark II is a plus point for all the video makers doing vlogging. I make cinematic-style videos and focus transitions with it conveniently. Also, while recording myself the face-tracking autofocus comes to the rescue.

Thus, the quality of the video is just what a vlogger expects.

One thing important to mention is that there is no 4k recording option in canon g7x mark II for vlogging.

What you can do to overcome this missing feature and use other settings is mentioned below:

  • You can make videos on full 1920 x 1080 HD at 30 and 24 fps in MOV and for MP4 mode at 60-30-24 fps. This way you have to no longer downgrade your slow-motion videos to 720P.
  • MP4 mode also includes HD (1280 x720) at 60/30 fps, a time-lapse feature, and an HR movie mode at 30 fps.
  • If you want to upload your videos directly, record them on MP4.
  • The MOV format is recommended for the max dynamic range. It has less compression and a higher bitrate.

5- Picture Quality:

It has a 3’’ touch screen LCD that flips down to 45 degrees and up to 180 degrees. This way I can easily take pictures at every angle, high or low. The tilting feature is the best one so far.

The camera lens allows me to take JPEG & RAW images which saves a lot of my time. I edit the raw images on my computer easily.

You can click pictures non-stop up to 8 fps.

I find the picture quality too good to be true with striking edges outlining subjects and sharp clarity. Also, it’s easier to zoom in and blur the background.

The Canon G7X is good for vlogging particularly for this reason too, it lets you focus on the subject while keeping the other elements in the pictures out of mind.

6- Image Stabilization:

Unlike most other canon products, Canon G7X Mark II has dual sensing optical image stabilization.

Canon G7X Mark II image stabilization

7- WIFI:

Wi-Fi is an important part of daily life for most of us. Thanks to the canon g7x for having our backs and implementing the Wi-Fi to the camera. Now, I transfer my data to my phone with ease.

8- Battery Life:

It is great for a compact camera. The battery time is longer than the previous version.

It contains a mini-USB input, so the battery can be extended with a portable battery charger.

However, the charging time does depend upon our usage. Approximately you can use up to 30 minutes of 4 Gb filming & 300 shots.

9- Specifications:

Reason To Buy?

The main reasons that I choose this camera and you can too, are as follows:

  • It has good grip features that make it easy to handle.
  • Compact and smaller which makes it great for travel and daily use.
  • It is portable and flexible which makes it easy to use as a beginner.
  • Sometimes it’s a struggle to shoot in the sun but the ND filters of Canon G7X make it easy and fun.
  • The auto-focus feature is the best thing in this one.

Reason To Avoid?

The things to look out for are mentioned below.

  • A little more in weight than the previous ones.
  • No 4k video recording.
  • No mic or headphone jack.

Buying Guide

The things that you should consider before buying the Canon G7x Mark II for vlogging are mentioned below.

1- Does Canon G7X Mark II Have Video Stabilization?

Yes, it has in-lens and electronic IS for 8-axis stabilization. While vlogging it’s important to get rid of the camera shake while holding the camera during a video. Thus, the dynamic IS in Canon Mark II has dual-sensing image and video stabilization.

2- Is Canon G7X Mark II Waterproof?

The Canon G7X Mark II comes with a waterproof case with neck strap and silicone grease. The case Wp-DC55 is specially designed for this video camera. It is waterproof up to 130 feet underwater. Thus, if your vlogging videos are underwater or on rainy days there’s nothing to worry about.

3- Does The Canon G7X Have A Mic Input?

No, Canon G7X doesn’t have a mic input socket so you can’t connect a microphone with it. It does contain built-in microphones that are great, especially for close sound. Another thing to know is that the feature of blocking the wind noise makes the inbuilt microphone have good results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I answered some frequently asked questions about the Canon G7x II for vlogging shortly for you.

1- What Is the Price of The Canon G7x II?

The price range of Canon g7xII is below $1000. It is a mid-range DSLR camera and costs around 700$.

2- Is It Worth Buying Canon G7x Mark II for Vlogging?

Yes, the Canon G7X Mark II gives you value for money. It is an updated version with many more advancements than its previous launch. This video camera gives all the features that a vlogger needs.

This includes good image & video results, great autofocus, focal range, and WIFI. Therefore, it’s an all-around great option within the affordable range for vlogging.

3- Is The Canon G7X Mark II Good for Beginners?

Canon G7X Mark II is best for advanced photographers. If you are a beginner, it’s best to buy a basic DSLR. However, a beginner can also get a hang of it with practice and tutorials.


Being consistent and good work is the key to vlogging but a great camera can decrease your hard work and make your videos professional. The Canon G7x Mark II is good for vlogging, especially for individuals who are already in this field and need advanced-level results.

It is compact and gives a high-quality resolution with image stabilization. The feel and grip both are perfect while giving a touch screen that tilts according to your need.

If you are ready to compromise on the mic input get your hands on this one this surely won’t disappoint you. Happy Vlogging!

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