So today we’ll be talking about a super solid camera that’s been inside my camera bag for about three years now the Sony A7III was definitely one of the best-selling cameras in all of 2020 and 2021.

So good that they actually beat out canon and Nikon both combined in sales, There weren’t many other cameras coming out of different camera manufacturers that could do what the A7III could consider its price size and capabilities, so it’s really no wonder that the a7 iii has been an incredible workhorse of a camera amongst many content creators including myself.

So today we’re gonna find out if the Sony A7III is still relevant to this day and who is it really for?

Sony A7III For Vlogging:


Is Sony A7III Waterproof?

First want to start off by saying that I’m not somebody that likes to baby my camera and because of that I put my Sony A7III through some pretty rough situations.

There was a time in Hawaii, I was shooting some vlogs when I got caught out in a storm while I was hiking and got absolutely soaked, I honestly was not even sure if the a7iii was going to survive it, because it was absolutely drenched.

Fortunately enough though to my surprise, no damage at all from the rain.

I definitely don’t recommend you guys to let your Sony A7III get soaked if you ever do shoot out in the rain, definitely make an effort to keep it dry, and definitely do not submerge it.

But if you ever do get caught in a similar situation like myself where I got caught out in a storm just know that the A7III can hold up against some water.

No Such Overheating Issues:

Well, I do know that some people have mentioned overheating problems on their a7iii but personally, for me, I’ve never really experienced that issue even on my trip to Saudi Arabia with temperatures up to 110 Fahrenheit, I was vlogging all day with Sony A7III in that heat.

It’s pretty great to see that the Sony A7III handles pretty well in both heat and moisture.

The Only Issue I faced with Sony A7III:

There is however one component inside this camera that has been known to fail a lot and that is the mic jack, with my three years of using this camera I’ve had my mic jack break twice now and I had to send it in repair.

I also noticed a lot of my other creative friends having this exact same problem with the Sony A7III so this could be a pretty big problem for you if you’re let’s say a vlogger or somebody who just used the shotgun mic a lot on top of the camera.

There is sort of a solution to this problem though, Sony has released a new digital microphone that basically will connect via hot shoe utilizing the hot shoe input instead of the mic jack. 

This microphone sounds really good, I think it sounds a lot better than most shotgun microphones that I’ve ever owned and there are also tons of little dials and settings that you could change.

Another thing that I really like about this microphone is that it’s just so compact and it’s cordless and it doesn’t require any batteries the only downside to this is that this microphone is 300 USD dollars so that’s something to keep in mind, You can check the latest price for Digital mic for sony here.

Photography Results From Sony A7III:


Cinematography and Travel Videos Experience:

Last year, I did some experimental cinematography videos with my mate “Taylor Elliott” and come with great results. We used Sony A7III with Sigma 24-70 lens and Mavic Air 2,

Here is video :

Specification Chart:

Overall Rating:

So overall in terms of durability and reliance, features, and results, I would give this camera 9/10, The only downside is that little faulty mic jack that we have but overall it’s a pretty solid camera if you are looking to shoot cinematic travel videos for vlogs.

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