Travel Vlogging is something that has become more popular in recent times, and becoming a successful Travel Vlogger is the dream of many. What’s more important to become an effective travel vlogger is to get insight into all factors that ultimately define the success of your vlogging.

Here we discuss a complete guide to become a travel vlogger, all insights and tips that will help you reach your destination. If you are a geek when it comes to travel and want to make your mark on travel vlogging, you have come to the right spot.

What is a Travel Vlog?

To understand this, you should know what Vlog is? The term Vlog is derived from the Blog, where the content is written; However, Vlog contains content in a video format. A Travel Vlog is a piece of information related to traveling published on YouTube.

Is Travel Vlogging worth it?

Everything you need to do requires true Passion. Success works the same here as in other professions. The more effort you put in, your chances to become a successful travel vlogger increase. Tip: Being a travel vlogger, you should have more videos, likes, and subscriptions to stand out, and of course, travel vlogs worth it as you can make thousand of dollars via travel vlogging.

How do Travel Vloggers make money?

Well, making money from Vlogging is not as easy as it sounds. You need to be clear about the process; it all depends on the initial effort you put into your work.

  1. The first and the most important thing you can do is to monetize your YouTube channel. Ad Networks like Google AdSense allow users to run ads based on specific views and subscription numbers, and they get paid when the viewer clicks the ad.
  2. Secondly, when you become popular, many brands contact you to promote their product, and they pay you for promoting their brand.

Below you can see the screenshot of my earnings from my traveling channel year last, I made almost 1,870$ just in a month from YouTube ads.

Earning from channel

How to Become a Travel Vlogger?

Travel Vlogging is the best way to earn a decent amount of money, but it requires a lot of effort. A successful travel vlogger doesn’t just post videos about traveling tips. They cover every aspect an audience needs, including fun, engaging content, showing different cultures and people, food and tradition of places, storytelling, advice, information, destination guidance, and many more.

It is crucial to be aware of how to connect with the audience and make them feel the breeze of wind that you were experiencing; that can only be possible through the Key that is consistency and quality. 

Travel Vlog works as a guideline for many people watching them before their travel. Travel Vlog makes people aware of different insights of traveling, such as buying tickets, places to visit, etc. It’s better to make your Vlog as real as it could be.

1. Potential of Doing:

Many people come across the same question: when to start? & Where to start? Let us tell you what the first step towards Travel Vlogging is? It’s simple, start Vlogging! Start filming to learn the do’s and don’ts of it.

Doesn’t matter whether you are hanging with your friends or roaming alone. Initially, the first video you should make is introducing yourself and telling people what your channel is about.

When you come out of the initial hurdle, it starts becoming easier. Get the camera and start filming. Create some really interesting and creative travel videos to make an amazing vlog.

2. Establish your channel:

The first thing you should have a clear mind is where you want to make your audience? The most popular choice is YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube is the platform where you can share your video worldwide; it has 2 billion active users worldwide.

YouTube Platform Stats 2022

While, if you are looking to share your content on Vimeo, it has around 170 million active users, and it allows its user to have a large control over who can see and reach their work. 

After choosing your ideal platform, you need to make your channel. Make it with your name, profile picture, and info, a good description of yourself, and customize it completely.

Great! You’ve done an essential part.

3. Grab Your Equipment:

You can have a decent camera and a good microphone when it comes to equipment.

We’d suggest going for your smartphone camera initially if you don’t have enough money for expensive cameras. 

4. Craft a Story:

To become concerned about what part of traveling you are making viral is important. It is crucial to make your content engaging.

Plan your story! Search for different ideas.

Here’s a brief description of different Travel Vlogging ways you must know.

Keep reading!

Travel Tips:

If you are a die-hard fan of traveling, you must know travel tips to share with the audience.

Travel Chapter:

The most popular kind is Travel Vlogging. Where you film about places you visit, their food, their people and much more.

Travel Tale:

When you travel, you get acquainted with thousands of people, with multiple stories, sometimes you laugh, sometimes you become aware, sometimes you get experience, share them!

5. Create Your Vlog:

To place your first step into the world of Travel vlogger, you should be armed to the teeth with confidence, story, Passion, and equipment.

Go ahead with a clear understanding of where to record and how much you should record. Better to give a little intro of the purpose of your Vlog.

Try to make it natural and engaging. Connect people in your Vlog, be nicer and more friendly if you want to connect with the audience.

6. YouTube Channel Optimization

Youtube search engine works on SEO.

SEO is a key to rank amongst your competitor Travel Vlogger!

For SEO, make sure to perform in-depth research of Keywords. The Keywords that have little competition and high search results are great. 

The trick is to naturally use keywords in the title, tags, and description to increase viewership. 

Making everything to the point and keeping the video title and caption clear make it easy for your audience to understand what your content is about. 

That ultimately helps your channel grow faster and your travel vlogging prosperous. 

Youtube Video Optimization Checklist For Travel Channel

7. Publication And Promotion: ​

Once you make an outstanding vlog, it is time to publish and promote. You can promote your channel by sharing it with friends and family.

Collaborating with other travel vloggers is a good option; it increases viewer’s interest. Replying to fans in the comment section increases the number of viewers.

If you are already popular on other social platforms, share the link to your travel vlog there to make your audience aware of your amazing content. You can also find a detailed guide related to the Promotion of your new channel here.

8. How to Monetize your Channel:

For monetizing, your channel needs huge traffic to your channel. Suppose you are already famous on other social media, then a plus point for you. 

How exactly can you monetize your channel? It requires 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in a year to apply for monetizing with Google AdSense.


YouTube Monetization Requirements

You can also check your currents stats from here :

  • Visit YouTube Studio > Click the Monetization tab on the left sidebar.

When your channel monetizes, google starts running ads on your channel, and you get paid when the viewer clicks on the advertisement.

9. Money Should not be your First Concern:

If you do it for money, then there is no money. The beginning takes lots of time. It’s not that you start traveling vlogging and start making money the next day. 

For instance, with 100,000 video views, you’d only make an estimated 100$ to 300$ profit. 

So, your first goal should be a passion, and then you’ll monetize and start making some money.

“Chase your passions and money will come. Chase money and you may never find your passions.”

Which one is the best camera for Travel Vlogging?

Every Travel Vloggers first priority is their camera because it allows users to view the world through the eyes of a camera. It is essential to provide a quality view and a clear image to the travel Vlogger.

Storytelling vlogs are good to go, but it’s become cherry on the top when you combine Vlogging and traveling. Your way of combining different parts of your traveling and presenting it as a pleasant story makes you stand out.

Now, you must be worried about the camera you should buy to increase your views in no time. We have found a decent camera with a low investment to start your Vlogging. 

10 Travel Vlog Tips For beginners

Here are some tips for your to get started with your travel vlogging journey.

1. Short and interesting Videos

No one is truly interested in watching time-consuming videos, as, in today’s world, people are super-fast and want everything to be so in their life too. 

Your video should be catchy to one’s eye to help attain your viewer’s attention; then there comes the second most important thing: a short and interesting video. Yes! Try to shoot a brief and thought-provoking video. 

2. Be original

If you’re a keen social media user, you must have seen the videos of 5-minutes crafts. This channel is the best example of the crafting and DIY (Do It Yourself) video category.

All you need in the DIY videos section is to show your hands only. Just present the world your hidden talent. It includes creating different things from typical households or comparatively less useful things.

Make sure you check the channels like 5-minutes crafts and Inventor 101. Both channels have subscribers in millions. The former one has more than 76 million subscribers.

3. Work Smarter

Yes, and for that, you don’t need to shoot everything. I know you want to capture all the moments you live to provide the best video, but there is something you must know. 

When you capture everything, and when you sit to select the best clips of your trip, most of them are not worth adding to the Vlog. You’d find yourself worn out or might end up making a lengthy and tiresome vlog.

The most painful part is when you see all the little clips, you find yourself didn’t really enjoy those moments because you’re in your camera all the time. 

4. Get your equipment

Investment in the right equipment is necessary because the quality of the Vlog ultimately belongs to your equipment. This does not mean that you have to spend a fortune to buy a camera; make sure your mobile phone’s camera captures the quality you want. 

A tripod stand is a need of every travel vlogger to add some creativity to their Vlog. A high-quality picture takes a lot of space, so it’s best to take an SD card or a storage device with you. 

It would be best to have a microphone to cut the wind and background noise for a good quality of sound. 

A reminder of things you need:

  • Decent Camera
  • Tripod Stand
  • Storage Device
  • Microphone

5. Choose your Niche

Sometimes people capture a good location and start assuming themselves professionals, but professionalism requires consistency, determination, and Interpersonal skills.

You should know exactly what you are offering or delivering your viewers or what you are good at shooting at. Just grab that moment of shooting for a particular time to get the most likes and attention of viewers by choosing the right niche according to your shooting capabilities.

If you have no idea about what you are good at shooting at, try to Identify your interests. It might be something you have already done, identify the problems you can solve with your innovative mind, explore your profession seniors, and finally shoot your idea.

Here are some niche ideas for you to select :

6. Video Editing

Your Video Editing Software is something more important than anything else; it is the basic requirement of your Vlogging. All you need is a Camera, Good Microphone, Tripod stand, Lighting, and “Video Editing Software.”

 Well, vlogging is an informal social gathering that you already know. So, when there is a concept of meeting or gathering, the two most important things should strike your mind: listening and watching.

 Yes, your audio and video should be the best for this purpose. Your video and audio quality should be your top priority, ultimately engaging your audience in your Vlog.

7. Engage people in your Vlog

While shooting, you must keep in mind that you won’t make money or profit by Watching your own Vlog multiple times. You are making that video for your viewers, so their interest and engagement should be more important than yours.

 Your video should be in a flow; obstacles due to unnecessary or unrelatable may divert your audience. Most importantly, entertainment is required irrespective of your niche that won’t allow your viewer to switch or play someone else’s video because the leisure you’re providing in your Vlog won’t be somewhere else.

8. Make it Aesthetic

Sometimes videographers capture every beautiful moment they are going through, like eating food, birds chirping, Sunkissed sunflowers, dancing peacocks, or water dripping from tree leaves when traveling, which make their Vlog extraordinary.

These are undoubtedly attractive clips, but besides this fact, don’t forget to save your camera battery and manage your time.

9. Keep learning

There is no age limit to learning. No matter what your field is, the seniors of your field often have more experience in the field than yours.

It would be best if you visited other vlogs to understand trends for learning purposes and adventure and entertainment.

10. Connect with other vloggers

Connecting with other relevant vloggers helps you reach new audiences, increase communication skills, strengthen your reputation, and build meaningful relationships.

After all, vlogging is a networking tool that helps develop your audience by maintaining their trust in your video content.

Interesting Travel Vlog Content ideas:

These days people are interested in travel because it improves your health and mind. 

As a travel vlogger, you have great responsibilities. You must travel, do extraordinary activities, and then represent those adventures through a quality video. 

The question that seems like an obstacle to your success is, “What are the good ideas for your vlog”? We have compiled the five most incredible ideas to make a vlog:

1. Guide Vlog for Travelers:

Guide vlog is something that works as an idea of a destination for many people who are planning to visit that place. These types of videos educate people about their destination. For instance:

  • Guide to Thailand
  • Way to Paris

When you make a sufficient guide for your viewers, it ultimately makes your vlogging successful. Here, you can also include all the important information one should be aware of to travel to that place.

2. Travel and food Vlogger:

Here you become specific about this niche, but not really specific because there are millions of places and food in the world, but you have a clear context and can explore more. Some of the ideas are:

  • Eight foods to try in Floride
  • Six places to visit in Las Vegas
  • The Best Coffee Shop in Canada

People love to know about food and its reviews. You can review places and their foods while traveling. Traveling sounds more interesting with the collection of food you may show. Happy eating and traveling!

3. Personal Vlog:

Audiences are interested in you; one way to make them engage is to tell them more about yourself. Make your Vlog include your personality or a little bit about yourself, your place, your activities. Some ideas are:

  • If you are a literature student, “a day in the life of a literature student.”
  • A fascinating library near my house.
  • My house or room tour.

It makes you stand out and allow people to identify you as a person. Even a little info about your daily life connects them with you. So, you don’t look anonymous to them, and they can trust you and your Vlog.

4. Near Destination Vlog:

You don’t need to quit your job, pack all your accessories, and get to the new country when starting. You can talk about your own city, the interesting details, and insight, and what people rarely know about. 

Make an informative vlog about your own home city. For instance, you can make a documentary about famous food in your area, how it came into being and what not. Sounds interesting!

5. Rank the places you visit:

This is an interesting idea you can follow. Here you can compare different places that are similar in some context, maybe places to visit, people, and food; you can rate them!

Things to Avoid in Travel Vlogging

Many people who start Travel Vlogging don’t get success; the reason behind this is that they make mistakes, and they aren’t really aware of it. Making mistakes is common but doing the same mistake over again is not. We have listed some common mistakes a travel vlogger should avoid.

1. Think Before You Speak​

People say certain things that are not appropriate sometimes, so it’s better to think before you speak. You are the person whose videos are going worldwide, so keeping your words non-offensive is good. Nobody wants to upset someone! When you present your personal opinion, state that.

2. Audio Quality

Most vloggers don’t pay attention to their audio; all they are worried about is their video quality. You engage people through your talk as well, and no one wants to listen to distorted voices. Keep that in mind!

3. Plan Everything

Most travel vlogs look like they are unplanned, but in actuality, they are highly planned and organized. You must do research about the place you are going to show, so right at the moment of recording; you don’t need to search and think. You should be very clear about your destination.

Many people who start Travel Vlogging don’t get success; the reason behind this is that they make mistakes, and they aren’t really aware of it. Making mistakes is common but doing the same mistake over again is not. We have listed some common mistakes a travel vlogger should avoid.

International Travelling Checklist

So you’ve decided to take the leap into international travel for vlogging? Here is a checklist for you.

Final Thoughts:

Ready to become a Travel Vlogger? You must do it for yourself, not for money. The starting is always not easy, you may get disappointed, but consistency makes it go. We have shared the tips and ideas you can use to grow your Vlogging as a traveler, but there is much more to explore in it. That can only be attained by starting. Always be authentic!

 Once you start, you will learn many things, and Passion will take you to the heights of success. There we also share some other tips to become a travel vlogger. Try to make your video aesthetically attractive, get inspiration through your likely Vlogger to remind yourself you are not alone. Always record your Vlog in good light as it helps you create a professional look. 

 The most important thing is to avoid filming everything because editing takes a lot of time, or you get exhausted. You can also follow some of the best travel vloggers worldwide or in your region. Plan your Schedule. If you have a plan for everything you need to do, you are very much free from the worry of what to do next. This also saves your time!

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I'm an enthusiastic American solo traveler. Since childhood, I had a great interest and passion for filmmaking; that's why I chose media sciences as a career and started Vlogging as a full-time profession.

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