You want to start your career in vlogging, but you’re worried about where to start? One of the main ingredients of a successful vlogging journey is a good camera. Now, here comes another question. 

Are GoPro cameras good for vlogging? Well, today, I’ll try to target this burning question as I’ve more than five years of experience in vlogging. During this time, I got my hands on many cameras, especially the ones from GoPro. 

I had experience with cameras like Hero 5 to Hero 10. So, in this article, I’ll try to clear your confusion regarding action cameras, and I’ll also recommend you the best GoPro action camera for vlogging.

Okay then, gird up your loins, and let’s dive into it.

What is GoPro?

Whenever someone hears the name of action cameras, the first thing that comes into their mind is GoPro. In fact, GoPro has captured the niche of action cameras so severely that people often refer to the action cameras of other brands as GoPro cameras. Let’s clear this confusion.

GoPro was a California-based company. They first made action cameras in 2004, known as hero 1. Since then, the company has evolved a lot, and they have brought a lot of innovation in this industry.

A GoPro camera is a Handycam often used for traveling or vlogging. It is a small compact camera that a person can mount on a helmet, shirt, or cap. And its size also makes it perfect for recording videos for people who are photography enthusiasts.

Why Use A GoPro For Vlogging?

With so many awesome vlog setups out there, why would you even consider a GoPro for vlogging?

Well, for me, the GoPro sets itself up as a potentially epic vlog set up for several reasons;

  • Low entry price point (in comparison to mirrorless and SLR options)
  • Small and compact
  • Huge range of accessories
  • Robust and waterproof (+ an additional dive housing is available at a low price point)
  • A huge field of vision
  • Easy to use

When you look at some of the vlog setups people are using, they’re pretty large, heavy, and most importantly expensive – three things anyone looking to get into travel vlogging are trying to avoid!

The GoPro, on the other hand, is small, lightweight, and relatively well-priced, so it got the basis of being an excellent setup.

Benefits of using GoPro for Vlogging:

1- High-resolution video and image quality

This one is one of the demanding features I look for in a GoPro camera. Despite being so affordable, these cameras have high definition resolution both in videos and still photography segments. Cameras succeeding Hero 6 are equipped with 4K shots. In fact, some of the GoPro cameras can even record up to 5K.

In addition to this, GoPro cams have a wide-angle lens and can cover up to 150 degrees of field of view, meaning you can capture many things in a single frame. Being a vlogger, it is very important you give special attention to the resolution of the camera as it matters the most.

2- Easy to use and carry

Being a compact camera and minor in size, you can easily carry a GoPro anywhere without any hustle. Some GoPro cameras are so small that they can easily fit in your palm, and you can stroll around a park while filming.

Plus, the use of a GoPro camera is very intuitive. I remember when I first started using a GoPro, I felt it was so simple and easy to use that even a person who has no experience in photography could operate it. Plus, the company design these cameras so that almost everything in them is automatic.

3- Weatherproofing

Most of the GoPro cameras are well protected. The companies seal them so that it becomes almost impossible for water to get in, thus saving you from the damage. Most of the current GoPro cameras can be used up to 10m deep in water.

Proofing is another feature of a GoPro camera that lets you continue your vlogging even in the rain. In addition to this, some GoPro cameras like Hero 7, 8, 9, and 10 are also shockproof. Most of the cameras are small in size and are more prone to fall & damage. This shockproof feature makes a camera more robust and rugged.

4- Easy mounting

Another reason why GoPro cameras are my favorite is that they are easy to carry and mount over different things. You can attach them to your bike, helmet, or cap to record your vlog while driving. Plus, it is also possible to connect a GoPro camera with a drone to take an aerial shot.

5- Wireless Connectivity

A rule of thumb is that wireless connections make any device easy to use. The same applies to a GoPro camera. Almost all the modern GoPro cameras come with wireless technologies.

These technologies include Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS. All these things are very important for a vlogger. For example, if you want to capture the wildlife or animals on your GoPro, you can do it without being physically present at the site. Also, you can live stream through your GoPro cam and can show the world what you’re watching.

However, this role doesn’t apply to underwater shooting as wireless technologies don’t work there.

What are some Best GoPros for Vlogging?

Here are some quick recommendations for you to help with your buying decision. You can also find my detailed reviews of the 7 Best GoPro for vlogging here.

1- Budget-Friendly GoPro Hero 7 For Vlogging


GoPro Hero 7 was launched back in September 2018. The camera is full of features and has everything that a vlogger can expect. But is it still worthy of being in your camera kit? Let’s have a say about it:

Video quality:

The first thing a vlogger will look for in an action camera is its video quality. The sensor is identical to the previous generation. It shoots at 4K at 60 frames per second or 2K at 240 frames per second.

And this time, the company moved a step ahead and introduced a feature called “HyperSmooth.” It is still electronic image stabilization, meaning it zooms in the image 10x to cover the shakes and vibrations. However, there is more EIS improvement than last year’s model.

Check this link to learn more about the quality and experience of the lag-free video: GoPro Hero 7 Black.


Well, well, Now, I can confidently say that GoPro is doing something to set them apart from its competition. The new feature “SuperPhoto” is evident in this thing. The camera auto-adjusts its white balance, ISO sensitivity, saturation, and contrast according to the environment when it is enabled. This feature can make any vloggers’ Instagram photos vibrant.


When the first time I shot a time-lapse video on a Hero 7, it was pretty smooth. I was like, “Whaaaat? Even a time-lapse video is so smooth?” The actual reason behind this smoothness is HyerSmooth. This time, HyperSmooth did a great job while joining the time-lapse videos, and it is called TimeWrap. What it does is that it uses its stabilization technology to make a time-lapse video smooth.


The company has added extra protection layers to make the GoPro 7 Black more resilient. When they raised another membrane over the body to make them waterproof, the audio was dull compared to last year.

But this time, they made the mic louder and clearer to solve that problem. Nonetheless, you can use the camera underwater without any problem. Still, I recommend using SuperSuit to protect the camera from salty water. 

Other features:

The camera’s body is made of plastic and feels robust in hand (Don’t try to throw it over the mountain, not as tough as you think). The rubber around the camera makes it easy to hold your grip and gives your camera a soft touch.

I forgot to mention that the camera has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. It allows you to transfer the files over the phone without any cable. You can also live-view the camera on your phone, making it a mini-webcam.


Camera dimensions: 62 x 45 x 33 mm, 116 grams

Camera type: Action camera

Sensor type: CMOS

Megapixel count: 12 MP

Monitor screen: 50 mm fixed touch LCD screen

Stabilization: Digital stabilization powered by HyperSmooth

Maximum picture resolution: 4K at 60 fps

Storage type: supports MicroSD card

User expertise: Beginner

Proofing: Waterproof, Shockproof

Reason To Buy?

  • HyperSmooth gives the video gimbal-like stabilization
  • Design is mini and easy to operate
  • Better time-lapse video capability
  • Waterproofing
  • Live Streaming

Reason To Avoid?

  • Screen is not articulated and can’t be flipped

2- Perfect Vlogger Choice “GoPro Hero 8”


A top-notch camera that beats the competition and is still ahead of the pack. The company announced the GoPro Hero 8 in September 2019. This camera carries the same features as the GoPro Hero 7 but doubles the volume and improves its capabilities. Yet could it be a perfect camera for your vlogging? Let’s look at the specs:

Video quality:

I was amazed to see the picture quality of Hero 8. Although there was not much improvement in the quality section compared to Hero 7, they have worked hard on its HyperSmooth technology, calling it HyperSmooth 2.0. There are four video presets by default,

  • Standard: This mode lets you record at 1080p, which is helpful to capture slow things.
  • Activity: This one is for heavy shooting and records at 2.7K with 60 fps.
  • Cinematic: This mode allows you to record at the highest possible resolution, at 4K resolution, best for shooting landscape.
  • Slo-Mo: To capture fast-moving objects at slow speed, this mode facilities its user to capture a shoot at 240 fps.

Follow this link to experience the video results of Hero 8: GoPro Hero 8 video.

HyperSmooth 2.0:

It is the key feature of Hero 8. The HyperSmooth technology was very successful in the previous generation, so the company dubbed it again with HyperSmooth 2.0. There are four different modes in this category, On, Off, High and Boost. Each level presents additional stabilization, while the Boost mode offers the most stabilization at the expense of image cropping up to 10x, best for running while chasing a wild buffalo in a meadow.

Night lapse video:

Previously, in Hero 7, GoPro made the time-lapse feature very easy to use for everyone. But this time, they moved ahead and gave an extra part named Night lapse video. You have to mount your camera, press the button, and forget it. The camera will do everything on its own and automatically convert simple video into night-lapse.

New Interface:

Again, GoPro innovates, making the interface pretty easy for everyone. They have added the shortcuts to select. For example, in the videos, you can find the shortcuts for the shot’s perspective, changing stabilization and modifying the frame rates.

Durable Battery:

The battery has always been a significant issue for the GoPro family. Well, this time, the company also upgraded it a bit. Not perfect, but it is going to be close to it. And, you can charge your battery with a USB-C port. Still, I recommend you use extra batteries since a heavy vlogger will soon run out of charge.


Camera dimensions: 66 x 49 x 28 mm, 126 grams

Camera type: Action camera

Sensor type: CMOS

Megapixel count: 12 MP

Monitor screen: 50 mm fixed touch LCD screen

Stabilization: Electrical image stabilization powered by HyperSmooth 2.0

Maximum picture resolution: 4K at 60 fps

Storage type: supports MicroSD card

Proofing: Waterproof, Shockproof

User expertise: Beginner

Reason To Buy?

  • New and improved image stabilization
  • More features and customization options
  • The design is compact and easy to use interface
  • Audio quality is improved
  • Media mods allow more control over the camera

Reason To Avoid?

  • The battery is still not too strong
  • Repairing is costly
  • Contrary to Hero 7, Lens can’t be removed

3- GoPro Hero 9 "Recommendation"


Hero 9 is a GoPro with the front screen for the first time and a better battery than the previous models. But these are not the only reason to go for this camera. There is more discussed below:

Video Quality:

GoPro Hero 9 blew my mind away with its new update in 5K resolution. Yes, you heard right. This camera offers 5K (50% more resolution than 4K) at 30 fps for under $500. No, no, that’s not all. The company has also improved its sensor and included a 20 MP sensor. At least, I can say the dynamic range is much better, and the camera did great work detailing the highlights and shadows. Plus, the low-light photography has been refined.

Experience the 5K footage of Hero 9 here: GoPro: Hero 9 Black 5K footage

HyperSmooth 3.0:

The state-of-art gimble-like stabilization technology of GoPro came under further refinement in 2020. This time it has a new inclusion called horizon leveling. The camera automatically adjusts the crop to the horizon level to make sure that the balance is perfect.

Similarly, HyperSmooth 3.0 has also improved TimeWrap 3.0, hyper-lapse, and night photography. The scheduled capture allows you to take shots while away at different times.

Front LCD screen:

I noticed in the camera while straight out of the box is its front screen. Finally, GoPro has added a front screen to the Hero series. Although this screen is not tactile, you can still use it to take selfies, front face recording, or view the angle of your camera from the front.

This screen could be a great facility for a vlogger who likes to spend most of the time in front of the camera.

Other features:

Like the previous version, Hero 9 has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, allowing you to track your shots wirelessly. Also, live streaming options enable you to connect with the world through Wi-Fi.

Although the camera is heavier than its competitor Osmo Action, it offers the specs that I can say that Hero 9 is the best action camera in the price range.


Camera dimensions: 71 x 55 x 34 mm, 158 g

Camera type: Action camera

Sensor type: CMOS

Megapixel count: 20 MP

Monitor screen: 35.56 mm LCD touch screen

Stabilization: Digital stabilization powered by HyperSmooth 3.0

Maximum picture resolution: 5K at 63 fps

Storage type: Supports MicroSD card

User expertise: Beginner

Reason To Buy?

  • HyperSmooth 3.0 offers a very smooth video experience
  • Remarkable 5K footage
  • Front-facing LCD
  • Much better build quality

Reason To Avoid?

  • Heavy
  • Battery is improved still not very good
  • Expensive as compared to the last model’s

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your GoPro Vlogging Experience:

1- Plan your story

Suppose you’re a content creator or vlogger. In that case, you already know that you can’t curate perfect content without planning a story ahead of it. Create the intro, outro and central theme of your vlog/video.

Making a storyboard gives you a proper insight into what you are doing. Also, it saves your time in useless shots and videos. Remember, whenever you think of an angle, don’t be afraid to make a video and then view it on your mobile or laptop before adding in your main video.

2- Keep your shot simple and to the point

Have you ever noticed that professional filmmakers never use the same angle for more than 10-20 seconds in a TV show or movie? The reason is that long shots at the same make your video boring. Also, give your attention to the angle of focus. Take care of proper lighting and dynamic range.

So, next time you’re in for a vlog, don’t spend more than 20 seconds on a single angle. For this purpose, you have to have more angle ideas and better insights into vlogging photography

3- Capture your videos in RAW and with the maximum possible resolution of the camera

It’s always advised that whatever camera you have, always capture with the highest possible resolution and in the RAW format. This is to make sure that you grab the full details of your view.

Moreover, you can always decrease the video quality in the post-editing process as per your needs. However, it’s not a rule of thumb to always use high resolution, and you can also use it as the need of your view and shot. Check the table below to have a better idea:








1080p – 4K

1080p – 4K

1080p – 4K

1080p – 4K

1080p – 4K


30 fps

60 fps

30 – 60 fps

120 fps

30 fps


Close-Up, Wide-angle





Pro TIP: Higher frame rates require better light in the shot. Therefore, always take care of your light balance in the video, plus use a diffuser if your light is too sharp to blind your camera.

4- Apply a red filter to your camera to take your underwater photography to the next level

It’s the thing that I wish somebody had told me earlier because the use of a red filter makes your photography so better that it’s inevitable. Actually, with standard filters (Or filterless), your camera presents the underwater as a mess of blue-green shade.

A red filter covers this thing and gives your vlog a more reddish tone. Thus, it creates a more natural look, just like what you see in National Geography’s documentaries.

You can get Hero 9 red filter here: SHOOT Red Filter for GoPro Hero 9/10

5- Keep an extra power source with you

I was so excited to go to Hawaii and take some amazing photos and videos back in 2021. I had my camera set up and ready to go, but I forgot to charge the battery. By the time I realized it, it was too late. The camera died in the middle of taking a video. But thanks to GoPro’s cloud service, my recordings were saved there.

GoPro cameras are not good at battery life. Therefore, I always recommend a couple of extra pairs of batteries with you if you’re on a long journey.

Recommended GoPro Settings For Vlogging

My GoPro Vlog Setup:

The First and the most important thing that I would like to have with myself to shoot a vlog is a top-notch action camera. GoPro cameras can be the best option in this niche as they are handy, affordable and provide the best value for money. In addition to the camera, I also carry other stuff like a mic, media mod and batteries to make my vlogging setup more peculiar.

Okay, enough talk. Let’s beat the bush. Let me answer the hottest question about my GoPro vlog setup and the accessories I use with my GoPro action camera.

The following things are present in my GoPro vlog kit:

Accessories for GoPro vlogging:

1- SanDisk microSD card

While you’re shooting at a higher resolution of your GoPro, like 5K at Hero 9, it’s advised to carry an extra storage medium. And, nothing can compare to the utility of SanDisk when it comes to buying a memory card. These microSD cards are fast, reliable, and affordable. Consider them while you’re on your go.

2- Mounting

It’s the thing that I always have with myself whenever I’m out for vlogging. I carry a standard tripod plus a tripod mount adapter to help me better film. A better choice if you want to shoot a timelapse or TimeWrap video.

3- Pair of Extra Batteries

What’s the need of carrying a GoPro if you don’t have a charger for it. Secondly, the batteries of GoPro are not too heavy to afford to shoot for a long time. An average battery lasts 49 minutes on continuous shooting at 2K @ 30 fps with the screen turned off. So, I recommend carrying an extra battery plus a charger in your backpack.

4- GoPro display mod

The screen of a GoPro is not articulate and fixed in a position. To not feel out of the race, I recommend buying an extra display from GoPro. It is a 2 inches flip-out screen that faces you while vlogging. It has a rechargeable battery, and you pivot it up or down for your ease.

5- Carrying case

What’s the need of purchasing all those above accessories if you can’t place them in a proper place. Right? I thought the same. I can’t put all the accessories of a GoPro in my bag as it creates a mess in my bag. Therefore, I recommend buying a carrying case for a GoPro. It is simple, affordable, and available in many sizes.

Which GoPro Should You Choose?

I just described my experience with Hero 7, 8, and 9. Answering the question of what GoPro camera could be the best is all depends on your personal preferences. My friend Backcountry Clint has been using Model 6 because it is sufficient for him and also affordable in price. I use GoPro Hero 9 as it offers 5K with better resolution and image stabilization. I would recommend the same if you start a vlog as it provides you with all the necessities. Still, it depends on your preference and personal comfort.

Brett J.

I'm an enthusiastic American solo traveler. Since childhood, I had a great interest and passion for filmmaking; that's why I chose media sciences as a career and started Vlogging as a full-time profession.

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