If you are a content creator, beginner or a pro, that covers any genre from Sports, Beauty, Photography, News, Cooking or Technology; owning and investing in a good camera is a must. 

Good quality videos always provide a higher chance of engagement while leaving a lasting impression. 

Being a vlogger or content creator comes with many perks. One of them is the free trials and packages that we get to try and review. Yippee! Quite recently, I was sent a Canon M50 to share my thoughts on. The main purpose was to know how relevant it is for YouTube videos, as they claim. I used it for 2 weeks and now sharing my experience and opinion with you, for you to make a better judgment for yourself. 

Canon M50 Reviews:


Below are a few pointers to consider and know before you set your mind to finalizing your purchase.


The 3 inch touchscreen is fully articulated that gives it an edge over its competitors. It allows you to shoot at any angle. Giving you an option to focus with a single touch. This is a breakthrough for Canon as this is the first time they’ve done this to their camera, which is commendable. Overall, the screen is responsive and bright, giving you the perfect video clip.

Especially recommended for Vloggers due to the kind of outdoor shoots we do, I would recommend that you protect your screen with AKWOX Tempered Glass. This will protect from any scratches and permanent damage.

Video Quality:

Canon M50 is an APSC sensor which means that it is large and can give good quality photos even when the light is low. The video quality is over 24 Megapixels giving you an extraordinary footage quality. 

You can explore ND Filters to give you long and improved shots. It also adds depth to your video, improving overall results.


You may want to set your settings according to your requirement on the angle LCD. I like the flipping screen because it helps me in filming on selfie-mode. It has the option of autofocus and eye detector along with various exposures. Its dual pixel, CMOS autofocus and the eye detection focus are really amazing. 


It allows you to attach an external Mic for better audio. You can attach it to a tripod and use multiple lenses for the required effects that you are looking for. 

ENDURAX 60” is a good option for Tripod, if you are considering getting one. It is light weighted and supports your independent shooting. An advantage with this tripod is that it comes with a phone holder for you to safely place your phone while you focus on capturing the moment.


M50’s price does not fall under the category of beginners but there are many newbies who invest in it as a long-term option. This camera comes with great features and allows the user to explore and enjoy them to the max. 

Considering the price bracket of $600 to $700, it is a good buy.


Canon M50 has an option offering a set of different video creator kits. EOS M50 comes with a bunch of dynamic accessories to pair your device with, for better results and an even more exciting experience.


It has an LPE-12 battery which isn’t the best but the overall battery life Canon cameras have are pretty good. You may want to consider keeping an extra battery for the longer duration shoots/travels,especially when shooting videos. 

I would recommend the BM Premium LP-E12 to keep as a second battery and LP-E12 Battery charger. The reason why I would recommend this charger is because of the compatibility. It works well with most of the Canon camera batteries.

A Drawback:

Even though this features 4K video quality, it is unusable and isn’t as fancy as others. It can’t shoot very well in low-light. It doesn’t have fancy profiles such as C-log that allows image color grading.


Reason To Buy?

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Excellent quality
  • Great Autofocus
  • Fully articulated flippy screen

Reason To Avoid?

  • 4K video with restrictions
  • Single dial control and relatively slow
  • Manual focus magnification needs improvement

My Thoughts:

Vloggers usually work independently, without a crew which is why it is important for us to be well equipped and know our gadget. M50 is a compact and a lightweight camera that is fully loaded with all the necessities. An amalgamation of lightweight and mirrorless and compact- M50 is value for money. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Vlogger, M50 is ideal and easy to use. I like their easy-to-use features which really don’t require a manual to read over and over again.

The rubber grip on the front and back gives a good hand grip when shooting in motion, particularly. Canon M50 is the one breaking barriers for Canon as it has another first; the Digic 8 processor. This ensures improved speed, quality (image and video), better low-light performance; basically overall supporting the camera to perform significantly better.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Is the Canon M50 good for vlogging?

Personally, I think yes. It is a complete package with good image and video quality. It is doing very well for Vloggers, keeping in mind the specifications and the price bracket it falls in.

It is adaptable to external power sources. The processor is new and fast and supports all the features it provides. Most importantly, it keeps up with the Autofocus of M50. The most cherished feature by Vloggers of this camera is the Autofocus. It is world class. While moving, it tracks your face to keep it sharp and well focused.

2- Is the Canon M50 good for filmmaking?

The Canon M50 is like a camcorder. It has 1080p, if you record it separately. The flipping touchscreen is perfect for filming while on selfie mode. 

It comes with specific settings that can give you the cinematic feel. The APSC feature is very close to the 35mm motion picture. A disadvantage would be the 4K video crops at 2.56 which doesn’t allow wide angled shots that you may prefer while filming. The colors are good, and can give you excellent shots when combined with Image stabilization with an iS lens. 

3- Is the Canon M50 good for 4K video?

You can shoot 4K videos but with limitations. It will crop your image and will not allow you to shoot wide angled videos. 

Since it’s high resolution gives you incredible video quality, you wouldn’t want to chuck it out of the list. So an option to go for is this- Viltrox EF-EOS M2 Speed Booster. It will remove the crop and give you the angle that you are looking for. 

On its own, Canon M50 may not be the best camera to give you impeccable 4k videos but it surely does come with its perks!

4- How would you compare Canon M50 vs M50 Mark II?

Both of these gadgets come with a marvelous Autofocus option, while it has slightly notched up in M50 II. M50 being the predecessor, it still holds significant value and demand even after the launch of the newer M series. This is mainly because the M II does not have many improvements. 

The table below will show you the differences and similarities between the two cameras.

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