Are you looking for a great vlogging camera but don’t want to break the bank? You’re in luck! There are several great vlogging cameras available for under $400. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best options available. 

The main purpose of this article is to help you choose a good reliable camera while respecting your budget. 

I will discuss their advantages as well as disadvantages, according to my expertise, and let you choose which camera will serve you better.

1- INSTA360 ONE X2


Overview About The Camera:

If you’re a vlogger and you’re not using the INSTA360 ONE X2, you’re missing out. This little powerhouse is perfect for anyone who wants to take their vlogging skills to the next level.

Insta360 One X2 is a successful upgrade on the earlier Insta360 OneX. It provides a 3600 capture that gives the most cinematic experience to an ordinary video. 

The AI features provide clever editing, and the HDR option gives better footage than GoPro Max. Because of this, the details appear to be crispier with better colors. 

It uses 5.7k 360 video resolution along with an internal stitching option. 

It can go up to 100 FPS at 3K while at the steady cam mode it maxes out at 3K 50 FPS. 

A round touch screen at the front allows easy framing and monitoring of the shots.

The ISO ranges from 100 to 6400 for making the dull scenery bright. You can adjust the TimeShift option for giving a slow-motion effect and highlight key moments in your video.

1- Waterproof:

The camera is waterproof and does not require any external waterproof housing. This makes it easy to take underwater or to shoot out in the rain while vlogging. 

It has been designed with 4 onboard mics along with wind reduction. 

This enables easy 360 recordings. For more professional audio, you can also attach an external mic as the camera supports a 3.5 mm mic adapter.

2- Video Features:

It features a Shot Lab for adding templates to edit footage automatically. You can shoot time-lapse and the Ghost Town feature will deliver images without people into it. 

You can apply Deep Track 2.0 to tack a subject to keep it in the center frame. It has a whopping photo resolution of 360: 6080 x 3040 (2:1);

Panorama: 4320 x 1440 (3:1) and a video resolution of 5.7K at 30/25/24 fps, 4K at 50/30 fps, 3K at 100 fps wide-angle (single-lens Steady Cam mode), 2560 x 1440 at 50/30 fps, 1920 x 1440 at 50/30 fps, 1920 x 1080 at 50/30 fps.

3- Image Stabilization:

Image stabilization and flow-state stabilization allow you to capture a smooth video during games and on the go. The AI editing option allows you to shoot freely and then later reframe the subject of interest. 

It can shoot in Log mode, giving full control over color and contrast. 

The horizon lock enables smooth video shooting while removing all the bolts and jumps. You can use it while walking, running, jumping, or any crazy action and yet get super steady video.

Other special features include control from an optional Apple Watch, Voice Control, and the option to record audio directly to optional AirPods. It also supports a 6-axis gyroscope.

4- Specifications For Insta360 One X2:

Reason To Buy?

  • Extensive editing suite along with special effects mode
  • Waterproof design allows shooting in the rain
  • InstaPano Photos

Reason To Avoid?

  • Connects only to newer phone models
  • Does not work in low-light situations

5- Verdict on Insta360 OneX2:

This is an impressive 3600 that allows the AI edits that can turn any dreary footage into a cinematic experience. It successfully eliminates the need for a drone because of the editable selfie-stick option. 

It can definitely improve on the video resolution but still, it is as good as a 360 camera be. My experience with this camera has been beyond satisfactory.

2- GoPro HERO9 Black


Overview About The Camera:

GoPro is a camera company and it has taken the market by storm. It produces the most reliable action cameras that can be used to shoot any type of video. 

It offers an unmatchable video stabilization that enables the capturing of any event with HyperSmooth 2.0. The Nightlapse mode works with 4K to capture the mystery of the night on the screen. 

The 4 digital lenses narrow, wide, linear, and Superview helps capture the most impossible shots. 

Its body is made tough and is waterproof so that you can capture the mystic sea as well with your camera. 

The Timewarp 2.0 will allow you to capture superb timelapse videos.

1- Video Quality:

The 12-megapixel camera captures stills with amazing details. The Supersteady option with in-camera horizon leveling works with the slo-mo to give incredibly detailed coverage and is ideal to cover games or other crazy sports.

This feature allows you to focus on the frame you want to. You can synchronize Supersteady and 1080p HD to elevate your live stream broadcast. 

This comes very usefully if you give online sessions. The bit rate option of up to 100 Mb/s allows the creation of studio-quality footage. The 5K30 resolution video ensures capturing the finer details even while you zoom.

2- Voice Control:

A wonderful feature of this camera is the voice control. It understands simple commands like “GoPro take a picture”, it can even turn itself on with the command “GoPro turn on”. 

There are 42+ commands to make the operating of the camera easier and use it as a hands-free option. This feature is especially useful for specially-abled people. 

The camera has a superb sound capturing system with 3 in-built mics with advanced wind noise reduction feature that makes it easy to capture the real sound during shooting a video.

3- Shooting Modes:

The different modes offered by the camera allow you to shoot the type of video you want to easily. 

The Timelapse mode captures easy footage with brighter details, the night mode immaculately captured the details of the night scene while the 4k Cinematic effect can turn dull footage into a cinema experience.

The ISO Priority is different for both day and night due to which the brightness can be adjusted accordingly and the essence of the moment is not lost. 

The camera supports a narrow F2.8 Aperture because of which the images are sharper, however, the shutter can be left open for up to 30s to get good quality stills in low light.

4- Specifications For Gopro Hero9 Black:

Reason To Buy?

  • Tough and water-proof body.
  • 4K video capabilities with a wide angle.

Reason To Avoid?

  • Does not work well in cold.
  • Easily gets over-heated.

3- DJI OSMO Pocket 2


Overview About The Camera:

This is the camera I generally use when I am traveling light and just want to capture the important moments. This is an all-rounder camera that produces a good quality still image and an above-average video.

It is an ideal camera if you want to shoot something action-oriented like sports events. 

The active Track 2.0 helps keep the subject in focus so that you do not lose it and the stabilization features help keep the images steady, giving a great overall cinematic experience.

1- Image Stabilization:

It has a built-in 3-axis stabilization which gives a cinematic experience no matter how you shoot a video. It effectively removes jolts and jerks to give a smooth video. 

The Night mode gives much better coverage than an average smartphone camera. It captures the details with a steady frame. It features a lot of functionalities but a big positive that I found was that it is easy to use.

2- Microphones:

Another positive that I found on this phone was the 4 built-in microphones. I found it a relief not to have to connect an external mic for every small coverage. Using the DJI Matrix Technology, this camera effectively reduces wind noise to capture the environment audio as well as my voice clearly. 

It is also easy to connect to a smartphone for quick edits. Using the DJI story mode, I can quickly make a mini-movie for my Instagram and TikTok followers complete with camera movements, transitions, and music.

3- Size:

Because of its small and compact size, it is easy to use for shooting timelapse, hyper-lapse, and motion timelapse. It offers a good selection of frame rates from 4K going up to 60 FPS, this is why it is good for vlogging. The slow-motion mode is from 1080p  going up to 240 FPS.

4- Waterproof:

The DJI Pocket 2 Waterproof casing helps in capturing some ideal underwater footage. 

The good part is that they are glare and distortion-free. Hence, if you are looking for shooting the great outdoors during rain or just want to get some underwater images, this camera should be your choice.

5- Specifications For Dji Pocket 2:

Reason To Buy?

  • Pocket-able vlogging camera.
  • Decent results even in low light.
  • Gimbal stabilized.

Reason To Avoid?

  • Shorter battery life.
  • Limited modes.
  • Small touchscreen.

6- Verdict on DJI Pocket 2:

The camera makes a good choice because of its versatility. It gives good coverage for shooting lifestyle vlogs, covering sports events, Youtube videos, and TikTok content. However, it has its limitations. 

The video resolution can be improved and the short battery life can become a hindrance as well.

4- Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70S


Overview About The Camera:

It has been declared the best camera for 2023 for under $400. Though it is ranked for amateurs, I think it gives good enough results to be used professionally for vloggers if not for travel loggers. 

It can easily be termed a pocketable multimedia powerhouse because of the multitude of functionalities it offers.

It provides versatile functionality of imaging and video capabilities. The touchscreen display is a good 3 inches which makes it easier to operate. 30X, 24-720 mm equivalent lens makes it a compact travel zoom. It includes EVF or Electronic View Finder.

1- Image Quality:

Lumix DC ZS70S supports 20.3MP a high-sensitivity BSI CMOS sensor that ensures sharper images, capturing the finer details immaculately. The images are equally rich in difficult light situations because of the extended ISO 6400. 

The 4K resolution allows stabilized footage, and combined with the sensor and image processor enables you to shoot continuously at 10 fps with single-shot AF, 30 fps at 8MP in 4K Photo Modes, and UHD 4K video recording at 30p.

2- Zoom:

30x Leica DC Vario-Elmar zoom allows you the focal length of 24-720 mm which is truly expansive combined with the maximum aperture of f3.3-6.4. The spherical aberrations and distortions have been effectively minimized because of the 5 double-sided aspherical elements.

3- Sensor:

This camera uses the sensor type of BSI-CMOS which is the latest Venus System Processor. An attribute worth mentioning here is that of the contrast-detection focusing system and the intelligent Depth from Defocus (DFD) technology which allows you to keep the object of focus in view throughout the shooting burst.

4- Live View Finder:

A Live View Finder LVF makes eye-monitoring comfortable. Also known as Electronon View Finder, it has a resolution of 1.16mm dot and enables 100% coverage of the image frame.

5- Focus Mode:

It supports an electronic shutter speed of 1\16000s and has 10.0fps Shooting w/ Mechanical Shutter. The Post Focus Mode allows you to change your focus point after taking a photo. The 24mm wide angles lens allows good timelapse recording. 

6- WiFi:

The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to conveniently transfer data to your laptop or tablet. There are many other features that this small camera houses. Following is the specification chart for easy referral.

7- Specifications For Panasonic Lumix Dc-zs70s:

Reason To Buy?

  • Can be remotely controlled via the smartphone.
  • Ideal for vloggers.

Reason To Avoid?

  • Doesn’t contain a headphone and microphone port.
  • No external flash.


This pocket-friendly camera has all the features and specifications of a professional camera. The aperture, resolution, and other features like image stabilization and long battery make this camera perfect for travel logging. 

5- Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera


Overview About The Camera:

I have been using this camera professionally and frankly speaking it is the best camera. The fast autofocus and the advanced image sensor have given me matchless images from various landscapes. The intuitive interface makes it easier to use. 

1- Megapixel & Sensor:

Because of the 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 7 Image Processor, the images are rich in detail. The camera uses dual pixel CMOS AF and the Auto Focus Tracking Lock to get maximum coverage of the subject. 

2- Touchscreen:

The lock is easy to use due to the front LCD Touchscreen. This 3 inches LCD touchscreen easily lets you see what you are capturing and the interface lets you manipulate the camera through this LCD.

3- Image Stabilization:

Image Stabilization, optical zoom, and the wide-angle lens, along with the electronic viewfinder, make this the perfect camera for capturing sporting events. No matter how crazy your moves are during the event, this camera successfully removes all jolts and jerks, to give a perfect cinematic experience of it.

4- Wifi:

The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity option and the Blue tooth option allow remote transfer of data easily. The long battery time is a real convenience when you are vlogging.

5- Specifications For Canon Eos M100 Mirrorless Camera:

Reason To Buy?

  • 24MP APS-C image sensor.
  • Fast autofocus.

Reason To Avoid?

  • Full HD not 4K video.
  • No electronic viewfinder

6: Verdict on Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera:

Though there are a few drawbacks to this camera the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This is a professional camera and should not be bought by beginners as amateurs might not be able to enjoy its functionalities to their utmost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

1- Are 360-degree cameras good for vlogging?

As a professional vlogger, I can safely say that a 3600 is a preferred choice for vlogging especially if you are a traveller. It effectively captures the essence of the scenery and the place you are visiting.

2- Which camera is mostly used by YouTubers or vloggers?

There are many brands that sell some really awesome cameras and they come at all prices. Vlogging requires an all-rounder camera that can capture the intended action immaculately. The above-mentioned cameras are all good for vlogging and Youtubers. But for your convenience, I can guide you on what to look for while buying a camera.

Live stream of 4K, Focus Tracking/ Active Track, Wide Lens preferably 3600, and the Supersteady option.

3- Why are mirrorless cameras better for Vlogging?

A mirrorless camera works without a reflex mirror which is why it is a compactor, lighter and faster to use for making a video.

4- Is Insta360 worth buying for Vlogs?

Insta360 is a very good camera for vlogs as it combines camera functionality with AI to give better results. The 3600 functionality, along with the invisible selfie-stick eliminates the need for a drone. 

The excellent ISO range ensures the resolution of the video is bright and vivid.

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