A camera can only be resourceful to an extent for a vlogger, as editing that amazing content is vital. You are reading this only because you are a vlogger and considering buying a laptop for yourself. Worry not! This article will take you step by step in helping you make the right choice for yourself, keeping the genre in mind.

I will give you a detailed overview of the few best-selling laptops with their details and specifications so you can tone and crisp those raw videos to perfection. If you are new to vlogging or are an existing vlogger looking to update their system, this is for you. Keep reading to learn more about the hot-selling laptops designed explicitly for Vloggers, as you need something fast and with a high resolution to stay in the vlogging scene.

Benefits of Buying a Laptop for Vlogging:

This depends on the kind of editing you do to your content. In this article, we are analyzing all brands, including but not limited to Dell, Lenovo, Apple, and Acer. Below are some advantages of investing in a vlogging-friendly laptop to be at the top of your game!

1- Storage

Storage to a vlogger is like honey to a bee. With the heavy files and the constant content, storage becomes a necessity. With the constant traveling and new content, every vlogger needs to streamline its hard drive and keep it clean for upcoming projects. Many times vloggers choose to keep the backup on external drives, sd cards and/or couple it with large software to secure data.

2- Editing

Not all laptops are equipped to handle the editing software and cards so keep this in mind before you finalize your purchase. Check the memory/Ram to be ranging between 8-64 GB; the processor to be minimum Multi-core Intel i5; with 4 processors, at the least.

3- Performance

While editing, uploading, and downloading content, a fast-speed laptop is imperative to ensure stability and productivity.

4- Features

It is very important for the laptop to have easy-to-use features. You need to be clear on the preferred processor because that narrows down your search to roughly 50%.

#1 Recommended Laptop For Vlogging: MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021)



MacBook Pro 16 is a sure-shot game-changer. If your pocket allows and you are looking for a long-term investment in a laptop, this is it. Apple has continuously outdone itself with technology, but MacBook Pro 16 is the best version yet. The battery life is long, and the performance is incredible. The display is superb with a top-notch exterior design.

One thing the critics have been mentioning, which honestly really doesn’t matter to me as the specifications supersede everything, is the machine’s body. It is slightly thicker and chunkier than the previous version. Still, as I said, it doesn’t matter to me personally as the specifications and power of the laptop are truly commendable.

It may get a bit heavy to go around when you’re traveling. Therefore, some vloggers may not like it, hindering the machine’s portability. However, there are a bunch of vloggers and editors who travel and carry their devices all the time. They choose to leave their desktops behind and prefer to take this gun-smoke machine!

As you all know, I am not loyal to a specific brand because I like to give them a fair chance, but technology inspires me and makes me want to try and admire it. There are certainly much more robust and more powerful laptops available than MacBook Pro 16 for bloggers, but the multi-core performance of the MacBook Pro 16 was at the top.

Video editing is quite an intensive task and can usually take hours. Therefore, the laptop needs to be high in speed and deliver quality results to avoid crashing and stuttering. When I create content, I prefer to use an SD card for my audio, and this computer has a slot specifically designed for it.


Reason To Buy?

  • Multiple ports
  • Gorgeous display
  • Better ventilation
  • SD card port for audio

Reason To Avoid?

  • Not as portable as the M1 series or other models available
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • Camera notch

#2 Best Laptop For Vlog Editing Under $500: Asus Vivobook 15



ASUS Vivo Book F510QA has amazingly high resolution and is truly a beast for video editors. The laptop’s exterior is pretty decent, and the keyboard is comfortable. I usually like to use the mouse, but its trackpad is smooth and user-friendly. My laptops are sacred, and I treasure them close to my heart, not only the machine but also the content. I like this one because the trackpad has fingerprinting, which allows security for its user. Considering the amount it’s for, I think it’s an excellent addition.

Looking at the editing aspect, while scrubbing your shot, the frames stay smooth and do not drop; Ah! A video editor’s dream, I tell you! However, to use this technology to the optimum, you do not need to upgrade it by adding more GBs to it as it is good enough to use with the 8GB it comes with. It is strong enough to handle heavy software, thanks to the dual-storage design paired with the sonic speed for swifter productivity.

Special Features:

ASUS Vivo is the 11th generation laptop ideal for video editors to use and enjoy real-time editing. I juggle and multi-tasking, which often leads to my computer heating up. One perfect aspect of curbing this issue is the heat dissipation pipes and new IceBlades fans that help transfer heat out of the laptop’s body.

I enjoy the vivid colors it gives and the quality of the video produced. It is truly a work of art and worth every penny spent. The easy-to-carry aspect is an add-on as it can be easily kept in your backpack without straining your shoulders. A few things might be slightly bothersome, such as its display ratio is 16:9. 

The battery life is not as good as its competitors. Considering it’s a Core i3, it should last longer than its estimated time, roughly stretching to 6 hours. If you like to listen to blazing music, you might consider investing in external speakers as the inbuilt ones are good enough for personal use. 

Keeping these minor things aside, it is a clear winner and excels overall as these are not worth changing your decision not to buy it


Reason To Buy?

  • Good selection of USB ports
  • Compatible keyboard
  • Light-weight
  • Speed up to 867Mbps

Reason To Avoid?

  • 128GB is restrictive
  • Plain looking features
  • Subpar screen

#3 Best Budget Laptop For Youtubers: Dell Xps15



You may be wondering why I chose this when there are so many other and ‘better’ options available. When speaking specifically for YouTubers, this machine is robust, reliable, portable, and has good Windows. 

If you are a YouTuber who already owns DELL’s previous model, you may be wondering why I should consider this when it practically looks the same! Well, there’s good news for you, buddy! It gives you a full display of 4K, a treat for Youtubers; the screen ratio is ideal, and the colors and brightness are simply superb.

The playback and scrubbing are perfect. The speakers are on the top, and the sound is clear and crisp. DELL XPS15 supports and edits the videos faster than other machines, which saves time and helps achieve more. This 11th generation model comes with a touch display that is smooth and accurate. 

The variety of slots are God sent as that is precisely what every YouTuber needs, especially the graphics card.  The processor is relatively faster than its competitors in exporting, rendering, and adding effects to the photos and videos by cutting the timeline in half.

Best for Vlogs Editing:

There are quite a few laptops that you may find which are relatively lighter than DELL XPS15, but they are not as a powerhouse as this one. The battery life is decent, giving you an average of 6.5hrs. 

It gives you an excellent timeframe to edit your videos and photos, as many YouTubers are frequent travelers, therefore, usually on the go. It is robust and solid, making it better for traveling purposes and the product’s longevity.

This powerhouse of a machine is a compact one with all the necessary specs and versatility that a YouTuber looks for. The three USB-C ports are just enough to plug in the required devices. It works fast with Photoshop and Lightroom installed and did not dip, lag or crash.

A friend of mine tested 6K raw playback without transcoding and rendering, and believe me. It was still so smooth. Pre-rendering takes significantly less time, which saves so much of your time.

Most YouTubers change their laptops every 18 months because of the heavy work. In many instances, the laptops crash, therefore unable to give the required result. If you are looking to sell/exchange your previous device for something that is value for money, you got this. DELL XPS 15 is a strong one, built to cater to YouTubers. Its market value as of today is $2,349.99, so why wait? Go for it.


Reason To Buy?

  • Full-size SD card reader
  • Good display
  • Thin and portable
  • High resolution
  • Touchscreen
  • Finest chassis

Reason To Avoid?

  • The battery life can improve though it’s only average
  • When under load, the fan noise can increase and the device may get warm

#4 Best Laptop For Vloggers 2023: Hp Spectre X360 X 14



Enhanced thermal design, Pro-grade performance, and all-day battery life are precisely what a vlogger is banking on to improve their videos. I have personally used HP Spectre and find it extraordinary in terms of its quality. Using MacBook for my everyday editing and then trying out HP gave me a good perspective on the difference and how HP has now upped their game over the years. They have found the niche and have started to create machines that are most suitable for vloggers and content creators.

HP Spectre is simply gorgeous. Its solid black body and sharp edges are a head-turner. It has all the ports you need, giving you enough leverage to expand the usage to your needs. 

This convertible beauty is impeccable and has a stylish chassis that can floor anyone. The battery life is perfect. I used it for a week and was pleasantly surprised with the battery life.

The touchscreen was smooth, unlike the other convertibles, which tend to be rough and hard to write. The screen ratio was perfect as the added height, compared to the predecessors, gives you the edge to not scroll continuously. 

It is good enough for the vloggers with 8GB of memory and 256 GB of storage. However, you can still expand this by upgrading it, as it gives you the versatility to connect and adapt.

Best Choice For Daily Vloggers:

HP Spectre is verified by Inte’s EVO platform, including Thunderbolt, all-day battery life, WiFi, and fast charging. I can’t complain about any of this during the test week as they aced it all. A huge plus it has that again pertains to vloggers is that it has adaptive colors. In case you don’t know, what it means is that the brightness of the display will adjust automatically, considering the environment. It is beneficial especially when you’re on the move and working.

I also liked the in-bag protection, especially when I am in the habit of putting my laptop to sleep. What other laptops usually do is wake up on their own, killing the battery and making the device hot. This works best when you’re an avid traveler and make the most of your breaks to edit your videos. The device comes with a magnetic stylus pen that you can use if you prefer not to finger swipe.

Considering the price and niche it serves, it was a put-off to see random Application pop-ups throughout. This could have been avoided as it spoils the concentration while working and is entirely unnecessary.  However, It is lighter to carry compared to similar convertible machines. 


Reason To Buy?

  • Convertible
  • Good RAM
  • Magnetic Stylus
  • Stylish

Reason To Avoid?

  • Sometimes can get warm

#5 Best Macbook For Content Creators: M1 Macbook Air



All Macs are gorgeous to look at aesthetically and cater to a niche, especially the artists and creatives. Now you may be thinking, ‘But which one to go for?’ After much deliberation and research, I have shortlisted the best MacBook as per my liking and preference. It is budget-friendly, checks all the tabs, and is one that the content creators drool over.

M1 is the most preferred Apple for content creators. More than half of my vlogger friends use it to create and polish their content before uploading. They give that it supports high-powered apps being worked upon simultaneously, which is exactly what content creators look for. Usually, laptops make the app slightly glitchy, therefore, they crash, but that is not what you will see with M1. Apple has always promised quality and has lived up to it most of the time. M1 is relatively cheaper than the other MacBooks in the market but delivers quality otherwise, too.

The users sometimes complain that it has two USB-C ports, which are pretty few compared to the usual requirement of the vloggers. It can ace the Adobe software such as Photoshop, Creative Cloud, Illustrator, etc. M1’s CPU is a beast when editing 4K videos or encoding or decoding. The internal speakers are excellent, but some content creators choose to get external ones.

So basically, if you are someone who manages social media handles, creates content, graphics, and videos, and are looking for an inexpensive machine to perform these tasks flawlessly – M1 is highly recommended. You’re getting a good laptop, giving you everything you need for roughly $1,000; why not? Go for it!


Reason To Buy?

  • Superfast
  • Excellent battery life
  • Value for money

Reason To Avoid?

  • Two ports
  • Third-party Apps are not supported
  • Webcam could’ve improved

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1- How To Choose The Best Laptops For Video Editing?

Laptops are more powerful, versatile, and affordable than many years ago. The variety is grand, and each is a piece of art. However, if you are a video editor, there are a few things you might want to consider before making your purchase.

The best laptops for video editing require good RAM, ideally 32GB. Anything less than i5 will glitch and crash, resulting in data loss. The graphic card depends on the editing software you are using. Premiere Pro and Resolve are perfectly compatible with AMD and NVIDIA.

Make sure you have minimum storage of 256GB. Screen resolution is vital, and it should not be less than 1920 x 1080.

2- Should I Buy A Macbook Or Windows Laptop For Video Editing?

This is a tough call. Both are unique, with different sets of specifications to offer. However, Mac is always considered on the higher end in terms of budget. Therefore, if you are on a budget, it is best to go for Windows. Another thing you may want to consider is that Apple has customized connectors that are not universal, unlike Windows. This may put you in a spot if, at any point, you forget a cable to carry because sharing isn’t an option.

Mac is sleeker and is not necessarily user-friendly, per se. Windows is easier to use, and nowadays, with the upgraded and new versions, they are not behind.

3- What laptop do most YouTubers use?

After doing a mini-research, YouTubers usually opt for MacBook, HP, and ASUS. Again, it totally depends on your priority of specs. Someone who may have the budget will most commonly opt for Apple as it is sleeker, supports the applications, and gives a good performance. This doesn’t mean that the others are any less but it is mostly the psyche of people that comes in.

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