As a travel vlogger, having a versatile dash cam in my car is essential for capturing interesting driving footage, documenting road trips, and enhancing my travel videos. 

A good dash cam can provide unique angles and perspectives that make vlogs more dynamic. However, with so many models on the market, it can be tricky to decide which dash cam is right for vlogging from your car.In this post, 

I’ll be sharing my picks for the top dash cams for car vlogging in 2023 based on video quality, features, and ease of use. 

I’ll suggest dual-channel, front and interior facing cameras that give you a complete view in and outside of the vehicle. You’ll also find options with large screens, image stabilization, built-in WiFi, and other useful functions for vlogging on the road.

Whether you’re a daily vlogger filming your commute or a travel vlogger documenting road trips across the country, I’ll have a great dash cam recommendation. 

With the right gear, you can take your automotive vlogs and travel videos to the next level. Let’s hit the road and explore the best dash cams for car vlogging!



Basic Dashcam Tips For Vlogging

Now, you have got a nice car, a dashcam, and start to make vlogs. 

To make sure that you don’t make any mistakes and get the most out of your camera, I jot down a few tips that can help you. 

1- High-quality Videos:

If you’re making vlogs, they should be high quality. A dashcam with a minimum of 1080p video with 30 fps resolution will be perfect for beginners.

2- No Compromise On Audio:

Pay special attention to the audio of your vlog. People don’t watch a video that has low-quality audio. 

Most dash cams have built-in mics, but their quality is too good to be used. 

Therefore, go for an external mic like a lavalier microphone.

3- Ensure That The Windscreen Is Clear:

A dashcam is behind the rearview most of the time. It is the area that often gets neglected. 

To ensure that you get clear footage, always clean your windscreen, especially where you have mounted your camera.

4- Memory Card Utility:

Use a memory card with a lot of storage. A minimum 32 Gb card will be okay to make a start.

5- Adjust The Camera's Position:

Always set the camera in the middle of the screen to get the best viewing angle. I’ve even seen the videos where some people have put the camera in the corner, and their videos were quite distorted. 

Being a vlogger, make sure you don’t make this mistake.

6- Adjust The Camera Angle:

Angle your dashcam so that it covers most of the scene rather than just recording the sky.

1# Best Dash Cam For Beginners: Garmin Tandem



Looking for a dashcam that is easy to operate and provides all those basic features for vlogging? 

If yes, the Garmin Tandem dash cam can be a good option for you. 

The presence of dual lenses appeals to those who want to include both the interior and exterior of the vehicle in their vlogs. But, how does this dashcam perform? Let’s find out.

Camera Body:

The camera’s body is made of plastic, with the lenses protruding. 

The bottom of the camera build has a memory card slot housing. There’s also a power button alongside the card slot. 

The sides of the camera feature a micro USB port and a vent.

Camera Performance:

Both of the lenses of Garmin Tandem present ultra-wide view with the front-facing can record at 1440p while the rear one can record HD footage up to 1080p. 

Now, when I tested the quality of the footage, I was quite satisfied. 

The details were amazingly good as the camera captured even the numbers on the license plate in bright daylight. The fisheye lenses gave a large viewing angle with a 180-degree field of view.

Night shots are infrared-aided that can give a nice picture of the subject, despite the absence of light. 

The icing on top, increasing the brightness in the post-production process, can even expose more details in the footage.

However, there is a minor caveat in the Garmin Tandem’s rear camera. 

The details of the interior camera are a bit color-skewed. But, it’s not that important for a vlogger; it’s the details that matter the most. 


Garmin Tandem is a good option for a vlogger just starting his career. 

This camera is easy to operate, and its installation is also easy as pie. The dual-lens can capture both exterior and interior simultaneously in good quality. 

Yay or nay? It’s up to you now.


Reason To Buy?

  • Good detailed footage results
  • High resolution
  • Compact size
  • 180-degree field of view

Reason To Avoid?

  • No screen

2# Best Dash Cam For Professionals: Thinkware Q800 Pro



Are you searching for a dashcam that not only gives you high-resolution footage but is also packed with many features? 

If yes, Thinkware Q800 Pro should be on your consideration list. 

With its stealthy design, you can tuck it behind the rearview mirror of your vehicle. 

Plus, It is a 2-channel dashcam that replaces the previous generation F800 pro. 

But does it really satisfy the needs of a vlogger? Let’s have a look.

Camera Body:

The plastic build may sound cheap, but it feels quite premium in hand. 

On the other side, the camera housing is made of metal and can be rotated 90 degrees to get cleared shots of the road ahead. 

There is no display in the camera. Rather company has put 5 buttons in it that perform functions like power, recording on/off, wireless connectivity, etc.

Camera Performance:

The single ultrawide 5MP lens produces 2k resolution footage with a 140-degree field of view. 

Though the 140 viewing angle is not equal to 180 or 160 degrees, it is still wide enough to capture most of your scenes. 

During testing, I was quite satisfied with the image resolution of Thinkware Q800 Pro. It produced sharper footage with a good balance of contrast and saturation. 

There were enough details in the recording, and it didn’t take up that much space, unlike 4k cameras like Nextbase 622GW. 

There is this feature in Thinkware Q800 Pro that is my favorite. 

The collision alert mode measures the car’s distance ahead and issues three levels of warning based on the severity of the risk. And, believe me, this feature is pretty accurate and fast. 

Another block-buster feature of Thinkware Q800 Pro is its super night vision 2.0. 

This feature enhances the video quality at night, thus exposing more details. 

This feature not only helps in creating better vlogs but also in capturing videos for insurance in case there is an accident.


Thinkware Q800 Pro is a feature-enriched dashcam that provides a professional experience. 

This dashcam can be a go-to choice for a vlogger who wants to take their vlogging career to the next level.


Reason To Buy?

  • Great image quality with 2k resolution
  • Good dynamic range and details
  • Super night vision mode to capture clear night shots
  • Wireless connectivity

Reason To Avoid?

  • Mounting problems with double-sided tape
  • It can be expensive for budget-conscious people
  • Require professional expertise

3# Best Dashcam With 4k Image Quality: Nextbase 622gw



Nextbase 622GW is the most expensive dashcam on this list and probably the most good-looking. 

As you know, with great prices come great features; this camera also has some outstanding qualities. 

The features like image stabilization, 4k resolution, and the 140-degree viewing angle can help a vlogger record good quality vlogs.

Camera Body:

The camera body is made of robust plastic. The front side has the main sensor, a power button on the left, a USB socket on the right side, and an LCD screen on the backside. 

Nextbase 622GW gets its power directly from the cigarette lighter port. 

But you can also connect it to the fusebox by purchasing a $29 hardwire kit.

Camera Performance:

Nextbase 622GW houses Ambarella H22 quad-core chipset that allows its users to capture sharp 4k footage. 

The resulting images were enriched with details to see the number plate, both daylight and night, easily. 

Plus, the camera handled the exposure pretty perfectly. The shots were not overexposed or underexposed. 

The cherry on top is the image stabilization mode of the camera. 

The biggest advantage of this feature for a vlogger is that he can make a video without any glitches. 

But the downside here is that using stabilization comes at the cost of cropping the frame. 

Therefore, it is best not to use it if you are not shooting any vlog from your camera. 

Another negative point is the voice quality of the Nextbase 622GW. Like other digital cameras, the native mic also suffers, recording good quality audio. 

Therefore, it is best recommended to buy a lavalier microphone to record your voice or the sweet sound of your vehicle. The camera doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Therefore, you have to record the voice separately, and then you can add it to the video during the post-production process.


Last but not the least, Nextbase 622GW is a camera that is truly made for people who wants a good quality piece without any issue of money. 

The 4K resolution, image stabilization, and wireless connectivity are the features that a vlogger often hunts. 

Other than that, it is a formidable dashcam for professional vloggers.


Reason To Buy?

  • 4K video resolution
  • Builtin Alexa and SOS service
  • Image stabilization 
  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Wireless connectivity

Reason To Avoid?

  • It can be expensive for some people
  • Can be bulky

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

1- How do I install a dashcam?

Follow the ensuing instructions to install a dashcam properly:

2- Are dash cams worth the money?

Yes, dash cams totally worth your money. Not only can these cameras collect proof in case there is an accident, but also you can use them for vlogging purposes.

3- What is the #1 dashcam?

The best overall dashcam is Nextbase 622GW. It has the sharpest video, full of details, plus many other features like image stabilization and wireless connectivity. 

These features can help you in your vlogging.

4- Is 4k dash cam worth it for vlogging?

Yes, they are totally worth it for vlogging. Think about the details you can get from a 4k dashcam. 

These cameras usually have higher image quality, which also helps during post-production.

5- What dashcam has the longest recording time?

In my experience, Thinkware Q800 Pro has the longest recording time. With its 64 gigs of storage, it can record up to 40 hours.

6- Can the dash cam record when the car is off?

Most dashcams get power from the dashboard or lighter port. 

These parts don’t work when the car is turned off. Hence the dashcam can’t record when the car is off. 

However, some dashcams, like motion cams, remain on for 15 seconds even the car is off.

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