Needless to say, content creators are expected to be creative and come up with unique and interesting content for their viewers. 

I have faced similar situations and I came up with a strategy to overcome the loss in views. 

Similarly, other YouTubers face competition and criticism over monotonous content and they constantly have to bring up new, unique content to keep their viewers engaged.

Doing various and fun challenges is one way to do that, and has proven to be very popular too.

The Accent Challenge is hence a new way to gain viewers. People want fun content that entertains them after a hectic day at work or something to freshen them up after a lazy day and this challenge provides that kinda entertainment for them.

Accent Challenge:

The Accent challenge or the Tag Challenge is a challenge created by YouTubers and TikTokers and of course, Ellen, bringing up her own version of the challenge on her show. 

This challenge is entertaining to watch and to play as well and gave viewers a new thing that they’re always looking for.

Kids, youngsters and even adults are found recording themselves doing this challenge. 

Basically it is very easy. You all know every country has a different accent and not everyone speaks English the same way, right? This challenge brings a fun twist to that fact.

You can find two options to do this challenge;

1- Tumblr Accent Challenge:

In the Tumblr Accent Challenge, you get a list of words that you have to pronounce in your native accent. 

Couples are often found comparing their accents, especially if they come from different countries. 

For example, an American husband might say the word “bottle” differently than his Australian wife, and that’s what makes the challenge fun to watch. 

You get to learn new accents and people tend to add humor to their videos too so it’s quite enjoyable!

You can also make this challenge more interesting by adding a clip of what you call certain things in your country for example, what would you call French fries if you’re British? Probably Chips!

2- The Ellen Version:

The Ellen version of this challenge is a bit like charades, but you can speak of course! 

It involves two people that take turns pronouncing the words written on a piece of cardboard IN the accent that is written on the cardboard. It’s quite interesting! 

It becomes more fun when you speak in foreign accents and mimic them. Believe me, it’s hilarious!

Who Started The Trend:

Now that we know what this highly trending challenge is, let’s see who was the genius to come up with this idea!

In 2018, a TikToker by the username queenlauren.michaeli uploaded the first ever Accent Challenge video, where she pronounced different words in a British accent but way before that, a YouTuber ChiTownRattler had already done this challenge by a different name in 2010, it was called “TAG”.

The challenge gained popularity fast and many other YouTubers and TikTokers were doing this challenge or making parodies of it to gain more views.

How to Do the Accent Challenge: YouTube/Tumblr/Tiktok:

I am hoping that you now know what this challenge basically is. 

I am sure most of you must be finding it interesting and a fun challenge to try out with friends, family and partners; you actually can! 

Here’s how:

  • First of all, let your audience know who you are and who is accompanying you in the challenge (if there’s any)
  • Start off by speaking 20-30 different words in your accent and your partner should speak the same words in his or her own different accent. You can also add a bit more fun by categorizing your challenge for instance, you can do a “Food accent challenge” where you can have a list of different foods and how they’re pronounced.
  • Then you can ask some questions to your partner for example “what do you call French fries” and if your partner is from UK, he’d probably say “Chips”. So it comes down to the cultural names/pronunciations.
  • After that you can either read an extract from a book in your accent or end the challenge right there.

You can make this challenge more interesting by using the word/question list to try out your take on different countries’ accents. 

For example, you can make a video on “Wedding stuff in three different accents”. 

Audience love variations of a challenge and who knows, maybe you can make the next viral video!

Some Questions for the Accent Challenge for YouTube Videos:

Grab a friend or your siblings and get ready to have some fun!

Show the world your take on the infamous accent tag challenge and let me assist you a bit by throwing here a list of some of my favorite questions that you can use for a YouTube accent video;

  • How do you call your mother?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call a carbonated drink?
  • What do say when you call a friend?
  • How do you greet your friends?
  • How do you greet a guest?
  • What do you call a device that you change a TV channel with?

Some Accent Challenge Phrases for Fun Vlogs:

Along with using fun questions, you can mix it up a little with speaking popular phrases or slangs in various accents and challenging your friends to make those phrases funnier. Some could even be themed!

Here are some phrases that you can use in your vlogs;

  • I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.
  • Give me a bottle of water!
  • I wouldn’t dare to
  • Expecto Patronum!
  • Killing two birds with one stone
  • I see you!
  • The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

Accent Challenge on Tiktok:

Accent challenge isn’t confined to just one or two social media platforms. People upload them on so many different websites and social media, TikTok being one of the top platforms for this challenge.

TikTok has become an insanely popular app in the past few years and it doesn’t surprise me. 

They improved their interface a lot, added so many new features that no other app offers in just one place. 

They earned a competitive advantage and they have exploited it to the fullest.

That being said, you must have come across so many videos with captions on their thumbnails of different country names and two people standing side by side. 

The title of the video probably and most commonly being the accent challenge, usually with a hashtag.

This challenge gained popularity on TikTok like wood catches flame and it spread like a forest fire! 

TikTokers all around the world made up their own versions of this challenge and added more sequels and variations to it as their viewers demanded.

You can gain that popularity too by posting your take on the challenge on TikTok.

If you need help in choosing some questions, read ahead;

  • Where do you buy food from?
  • How do you send letters?
  • What is the traditional dish of your country?
  • What do you call a person who lied to you?
  • What do you call your close friend?
  • What do you call gym shoes?

What Is the Ellen’s Version of Accent Challenge?

Ellen being Ellen came up with a completely different version of the Accent Challenge on her show and the audience seemed to go Ga-Ga over it!

If you have played “Heads up!” then you would have no problem grasping the concept behind this version but for those who haven’t, I am here to guide you through!

Ask someone to write a few accents on pieces of cardboard and one person will hold it up on their forehead, and the other person will speak. 

The person holding the cardboard will then guess which accent his or her partner is mimicking.

It’s quite fun!

Here is the list of the accents:

  • American Accent
  • British Accent
  • Chinese Accent
  • Bogan Accent
  • Australian Accent
  • French Accent
  • Spanish Accent
  • Glasgow Accent
  • Indian Accent
  • Italian Accent
  • Korean Accent
  • Canadian Accent
  • Pakistani Accent
  • Russian Accent
  • Spanish Accent
  • Welsh Accent

These are just a few accents, you can always add more and make your challenge more diverse and fun by adding funny words and pairing them up with funnier accents!

List of Words for The Accent Challenge:

Here are a few words you can use in your challenge videos; make them creative!

  • Wash
  • Water
  • Aquifer
  • Spitting Image
  • Envelope
  • Lawyer
  • Coupon
  • Peppers
  • Sheep
  • Kangaroo
  • Peanuts
  • Crisps
  • Fries
  • Fall
  • Zebra
  • Pancakes
  • Colorful
  • Advertisement
  • Vase
  • Determine
  • Can’t
  • Watermelons
  • Strawberries
  • Juice
  • Paper
  • Maple
  • Syrup

I think these would be enough for one video, but feel free to replace some words!

I am sure you will enjoy both the versions of these challenges and if you come up with newer, more creative and unique versions, do update me!

Brett J.

I'm an enthusiastic American solo traveler. Since childhood, I had a great interest and passion for filmmaking; that's why I chose media sciences as a career and started Vlogging as a full-time profession.

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